First Woman E-Book

Inspired by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s historic campaign, the NWHP has published a special Commemorative Edition, First Woman, to pay tribute to women’s long and distinguished record in government and public service.

This lavishly illustrated, 48-page volume places Clinton’s unprecedented campaign in the context of women’s history and celebrates the many women who first ran for and held office in American government.  Here are the first women to run for President, Congress and the Senate.  Here are the first mayors, state legislators and governors.  Here are the first four-star general, the first Supreme Court Justice and so many more.  Timelines trace the progress of Women in Government, the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and the Modern Women’s Movement.

First Woman also recognizes American suffragists who worked successfully for women’s civil rights. The wealth of detail included here irrefutably shows the growing contributions women have made to our national life.  These courageous women smoothed the path that led our nation to where it is today.

First Woman also recognizes young feminists who are working today for women’s advancement. This beautiful publication pays tribute to the deep and lasting contributions women have made – and are making – to our nation’s progress.

Filled with photographs, articles, quotes, satirical cartoons and historic imagery, this souvenir booklet will be cherished today and saved for future generations. 

This 48-page Commemorative Book is now available in a perfect bound format and is available for bulk discount.  An E-Book version is also available.