Executive Director Letter - Seeking a Unique Partnership

Dear Friend,

The mission of the National Women's History Project is to provide information and programs that help people recognize and celebrate the many diverse and historic accomplishments of multicultural American women.

As the initiator of National Women’s History Month, the NWHP determines the theme and honorees for each year’s celebration and serves as the national clearinghouse for information about multicultural women’s history in the United States. 

Now, after 30 years of “Writing Women Back into History,” we have decided that the NWHP’s mission remains viable and necessary, but that the current economic climate makes continuing as an independent entity difficult to sustain.  Much of the on-going work, particularly materials development and teacher training, requires staff that the NWHP is no longer able to support. 

For this reason and to ensure the success and expansion of the women’s history movement, the NWHP is seeking to develop a working partnership with a well-established organization or institution that effectively demonstrates the women’s history and multicultural principles for which the NWHP stands.  This partnership would be built over a transitional period of two to five years and would culminate in a complete merger.  The NWHP’s goal is to ensure the continuance of our mission to promote a wider and active appreciation of women’s history into the 21st century.

Our plan offers a new partnering organization the opportunity to assume an influential leadership position in this nationally-recognized field, and to inherit official responsibility for developing National Women’s History Month themes and observances annually.  Such a partnership also offers an institution a firm historic foundation on which to reposition and re-image multicultural women’s history.  The partner institution would be able to build on the reputation, work, and programs already established by the NWHP, which should greatly expand opportunities for networking and outreach. 

If your organization or institution is interested in more information or in reviewing our Request for Proposals, please contact me at (707) 636-2888 or email me at ednasmolly@aol.com

I look forward to hearing from you, and again, thank you for your interest and support.

Molly Murphy MacGregor
Executive Director and Cofounder