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Women’s History comes alive with the help of talented performers or authors. Costumed performers portray both famous and infamous women from our history with relish and panache while authors and presenters bring the unbridled enthusiasm that comes from years of research and writing about a specific woman or  women’s history topic.

To find performers/authors available within a specific state, use the pull-down list provided below:

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2019 Chippawa, Sarasota, FL 34234
Phone: 941-735-1260 

Performance DescriptionCelebrating women, art and life, these programs use the magic of theatre to bring these artists to your audience. Often in their own words, they describe the people and events that shaped their lives and works.

aldrich1A Visit with Mary Cassatt. Ms Cassatt, known for her frankness and wit, describes her struggle to become an artist and her life in France during the birth of Impressionism. She was the only American artist to exhibit with the French Impressionists, who considered her an equal. She shares her joy at being a young artist in 19th century Europe and her stormy relationship with Edgar Degas.

A Circle of Artists. After Mary Cassatt’s breakdown, she became a feminist. Feisty, irreverent and willing to sever her family ties for her beliefs. Cassatt presents women before her time, like Sofonisba Anguissola; women she knew and admired, like Berthe Morisot; women whose work she didn’t respect, like Cecilia Beaux; and women whose work she didn’t understand, like Veladon.



aldrich2Georgia O’Keeffe: A Dramatic Portrait. Miss O’Keeffe conducts a tour of her world through her sensational flowers, abstracts and cityscapes to the vastness and beauty of the American West. Joyful, irreverent and courageous, she discusses her career, her breakdown, her critics, her “photographic portrait’ by Alfred Stieglitz and their extraordinary relationship.






aldrich3Lilla Cabot Perry: Impressions of Monet & The American Impressionists Mrs. Perry was a prominent Boston artist, a “Boston Brahmin” and a published poet.  She spent nine summers in Giverny with Claude Monet who encouraged her to paint en plein air. She shares stories about Monet, Sargent, Theodore Robinson, John Breck and Giverny, the “cradle of American Impressionism.” 





aldrich4Anne Morrow Lindbergh: An Extraordinary Life. Anne was the author of thirteen books, an aviation pioneer and a feminist. She shares her joy of flying and the numbing tragedy of her son’s kidnapping, illuminating the life that gave her the wisdom to write Gift From the Sea, which, over fifty-five years later, is still widely acclaimed. The program is set in 1975, at a celebration of the 20th anniversary edition of Gift From the Sea with Anne as the featured speaker. 




aldrich5Lillian Hellman: Memories & Moments. Hellman was a brilliant, passionate, provocative woman and an internationally acclaimed author who wrote Broadway plays and best-selling books. Rude, independent and eloquent, she was renowned as a political activist, a wit and extraordinary hostess and a fabulous storyteller. In an illustrious career spanning five decades she won a permanent place in American Letters.





Phone: 203-331-6164

Performance Description: In Our Right Minds™ has been igniting audiences at the United Nations, universities, conferences, expos, holistic learning centers and theaters with a powerful message delivered in an entertaining, engaging format. Dale Allen’s passionate presentation guides women to their strength as leaders and leads men to strength without armor, restoring the validity of right brain, “feminine” strengths in humanity. In Our Right Minds is enlightening, inspirational and fun! Ms. Allen returns to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women 2014.

This dynamic, multi-media “Cape Canaveral lift-off” features history, myth, original songs, art, artifacts, characters and comedy.   Dale Allen, a veteran of corporate and commercial communications, gives voice to a brilliant, long-forgotten intelligence that is within each of us – the intelligence of the right hemisphere of the brain, the “gatherer-nurturer” side. 

 In Our Right Minds, explores the goddess archetype as a metaphor for our right-brain wisdom.  Without an understanding of this archetype, women have been left with no clear model to guide them to their strength and wholeness, and men have been forced to suppress vast parts of their own intuitive, emotional and nurturing natures.

Leadership for a new era will be based on the integration of the feminine, as expressed through both women and men.  The restoration of the sacred feminine has profound implications for every sphere of leadership within families, communities, businesses, health, education, governments and the global economy. The United Nations’ World Conference on Women affirms that the advancement of women is central to every dimension of global development. A sustainable world cannot be built using the old, out-of-balance model; In Our Right Minds™ illuminates an alternative.  “The Mother has left a memory in us all.” 


4915 Samish Way, Unit 122, Bellingham, WA  98229
Phone: 360-920-7533

Performance DescriptionThe silencing of women’s experience and the empowering of women’s voices as they struggled for the vote will be showcased in this one-hour presentation featuring songs, images, stories and readings.  We meet Helga Estby who walked across America in 1896, Suffragists Emma Smith Devoe, May Arkwright Hutton, Alice Paul and Inez Milholland, Rosie, the Riveter, and more known and unknown women.   Linda offers a window into these ordinary and extraordinary lives.

Dr. Linda Allen is a songwriter, performer and educator.  She has worked with numerous organizations to promote women’s history including the Washington Centennial Commission, the Washington Women’s Heritage Project, the Women’s History Consortium and Humanities Washington.  She has presented her program over 40 times.  

Recent Comment: March 23, 2017
Thank you again for driving to Coos Bay and performing at our First annual Women’s History Month Luncheon. I continue to hear great feedback. Your performance gave the attendees a lot to think about.

I wanted to also let you know how your performance influenced one of our board members who was in the audience and led her to action. Arlene Roblan is a retired educator and wife of OR Senator Arnie Roblan (D). She and her table mates were so moved by your performance that last night she hosted a large group of women in her home purposely to create constructive discussion and to get us thinking about positive actions we can make. She played your CD’s in the back ground. A number of women spoke out and mentioned your performance at the museum and how much they learned from it.  

Susan M.G. Tissot, Executive Director / Coos History Museum & Maritime Collection / Coos Bay, OR 97420;  541-756-6320

linda a cdLinda’s CD:
Here’s to the Women! Commemorating Women’s Journey to Justice
Original and collected songs that celebrate women’s history with a special emphasis on the battle for the vote. Meet Native weavers, quilters, suffragists, labor leaders, domestic workers, and Rosie, the Riveters. Songs are performed by Linda and her talented friends.




Listen to song by Linda Allen: If You Had Seen Inez  

Living Voices
Hear My Voice
600 North 36th Street, Suite 221
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 800-331-5716

 Performance Description:  How long was the fight for women’s suffrage? Join the 72 year battle that won half of America’s citizens the right to vote.

ErinHMVLiving Voices combines dynamic solo performances with archival film and sound, turning history into a moving and personal journey.

Using historical viewpoints based on real people and events, the Living Voices dynamic technique combines archival film footage and photographs, blended with audio and presented in synchronization with a solo actor, giving the audience a chance to experience how the world looked, sounded and felt during the suffrage movement.



Rachael McClinton Living VoicesWith presenters based on both coasts and in between, Living Voices programs are developed to be presented in a variety of school and community settings and for a range of audiences, from K-12 students through adults. The adaptable and flexible format of the programs was designed to be effective in both large and small venues, from a single school classroom in Alaska to a thousand-seat theatre space at Universal Studios, and anything in between.

Winner of the 2017 Governor’s Arts & Heritage Award for Education

Here is a link to our preview video:





Rachel McClinton Slide Map 


1829 NE 179 St., N. Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone: 305-945-4804

Performance Description: Everyone’s heard of Miami Beach! See it through the eyes of Rose Weiss: Mother of Miami Beach, who transformed it, with persistence and a smile, from a sparsely populated sandbar (where Jews like her could only live in the southernmost tip) into the world famous multicultural metropolis it is today. Or you can meet trailblazing Doc Anner: Petticoat Doctor of the Everglades, 2nd female doctor in Florida. Artist, physician, pharmacist, wife, mother (and even veterinarian when called upon) she braved alligators, rattlesnakes, violent outlaws and chauvinism to help and heal her patients. Q&A sessions follow with storyteller, performance artist and Chautauqua Scholar Carrie Sue Ayvar.


Phone: 630-279-0856
Persistent Women on the Road:

Historian, actor, lecturer Annette Baldwin has traveled the Chicago area and the U.S. presenting historical portrayals, lectures and Readers Theater in nineteen states:  to public libraries, historical societies & museums, community & professional organizations, colleges & universities, corporate & government offices, State Humanities Chautauquas, as well as at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.  

Annette Travels with the Following Determined Women

 Lucretia Mott; Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and Carrie Chapman Catt, who persisted in their drive for equal rights for women are portrayed in one production:  The Long Road to Victory: From Pedestal to Politics & Prison in the Battle for Woman Suffrage. 

 Jane Addams, humanitarian and founder of Chicago’s social settlement Hull House, was a persistent advocate for social justice and workers rights during the first great wave of immigration.  Her daring ideas and leadership for international peace earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.

Susan B. Anthony, the forthright, passionate and unstoppable woman suffrage leader, was persistent in pressing the case for a woman suffrage amendment in the U.S. Constitution and equal pay for working women.

Coco Chanel, the 20th century’s most influential fashion designer and business tycoon, pulled out all the stops on style and age with her fashion theories and innovations, persistently demanding  that women reject fashion fads and be comfortable in their clothes and in their own style.

Louise Nevelson, sculpture’s Queen Bee, persistently pushed at the boundaries of art until at the age of 68 she received respect & recognition for her innovative environmental art, and at 85 received the National Medal of Arts from President Ronald Reagan.

Elizabeth Van Lew, whose persistent loyalty to the United States and antipathy for slavery, in spite of her Southern birth and residency, led her to become the Civil War’s most effective espionage agent, all for which she paid the price of life-long ridicule and segregation from neighbors and former friends.

Dorothy Thompson, mid-20th-century journalist and oracle, whose persistent, nonconforming views presaged today’s social and political conditions, was named by Time magazine in 1939, along with Eleanor Roosevelt, as the “most “influential” woman “in the United States.” 

September-May: P.O. Box 281, Lederach, PA 19450 Phone: 215-256-8481
June-August: P.O. Box 22395, Santa Fe, NM 87502 Phone: 505-988-5364
Email:  Blog:

#1Margaret FullerPerformance Description: Michael Barnett presents the extraordinary life of women’s rights activist Margaret Fuller for your events. Considered the most brilliant woman in 1840s America, Margaret created “Conversations for Women” in Boston and was hired as the first woman critic for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. Her book, “Woman in the Nineteenth Century,” was the first American feminist tract which inspired the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention. As the first woman foreign correspondent in Europe, Margaret supported the Roman Revolution of 1848-49. She died with her family in a shipwreck off Fire Island returning to America on July 19, 1850.

Since 2001, Michael has spoken on “The Transcendentalists: Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Theodore Parker.” He earned his Master of Divinity at Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, PA while serving as Student Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley, PA, and at Thomas Paine UU Fellowship in Collegeville, PA. His studies included the Sacred Feminine, the creative and spiritual gifts of Hildegard von Bingen and the goddess Asherah as the consort of God. Michael achieved his Master of Education, Secondary History Certification, at Gwynedd Mercy University while teaching religious studies. His History Seminar paper, “Margaret Fuller Shapes the Consciousness of America through the New York Tribune,” is in the libraries of the New York and Massachusetts Historical Societies. 

#1MichaelDuring Margaret Fuller’s 2010 Bicentennial, Michael spoke at First Parish of Concord, the Summer Conversational Series, Concord School of Philosophy, at Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House, and at the UU History Conference in Waltham, MA. Currently, he is representing Margaret Fuller for the New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network as New York State prepares for the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote 2017. His program there is “Margaret Fuller in New York: Planting the Seeds for Equality and the Sacred Marriage.”

 Michael adds, “I am available to travel to you. My honorarium is $350.00. I seek accommodations  through your group and also help with travel expenses as needed . I am available for in-depth workshops on Margaret Fuller including her intuitive and creative gifts and the sacred marriage she struggled to live.” 

ROBERTA BASSIN –  Actor and Author 

PO Box 3724,
Granada Hills, CA 91394
Phone: 818-366-7288

Performance Description: Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words: It is 1937, Lae, New Guinea. Emmy-submitted actress, Roberta E Bassin, brings to life famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart as she is about to leave on the last leg of her round-the-world flight reflecting on her childhood, passion for flying and her flight for the rights of women, “A pilot is a pilot.” The show culminates with an exciting audience Q and A for discussion. Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words has thrilled, delighted and inspired audiences at luncheons, museums, corporations, libraries, schools, conferences, playhouses, colleges, and benefits. “It is a must see.”

Amelia Earhart’s stepson George Putnam Jr. and his wife Marie, commented upon seeing Roberta’s performance “You can see your heart is in it. Amelia Earhart is a part of you.” Elgin Long, consultant on the new Amelia Earhart film starring Hilary Swank added. “You are a wonderful actress. You really bring Amelia Earhart to life.”

New Video: Amelia Earhart “live” on stage, written & performed by Roberta Bassin 

Watch an interview with Roberta Bassin about “Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words”


“Amelia Earhart, Me and Our Friends: Journaling the Journey.

The Amelia Earhart Self Help Book.”

After bringing America’s legendary heroine, aviator Earhart, “to life on stage,” Roberta’s many fans and supporters have encouraged her to author a book presenting what she has learned from her years of research and personal experiences in performing this role.headshot    Roberta, a graduate of UCLA in History and English with a lifetime teaching credential,

 is available for Book Signings and Discussions about Amelia Earhart. 

Learn more about Roberta:


Located in Bowie, Maryland
Phone: 433-773-2023

Performance DescriptionWomen Take The Lead! 
This fun, lively, and inspiring dance presentation is based on the principle of women’s capability and innate equality.  The show is constructed around an all-women dance team (from which presents Latin dances with women playing both the leaders’ and the followers’ role.  In some cases, the ladies even switch roles so that someone who starts out leading ends up following and vice versa.   
Traditionally in partnership dancing, men lead the dance, deciding what moves to lead, how to initiate and style, them, etc.  Women simply acquiesce and follow whatever is led. In professional level dancing, the steps that leaders do can be quite complex and require a lot of practice and memory.  But all those challenges belong only to the leaders.  

However in this lively all-ladies Latin dance team, ladies step up to the plate and learn this material themselves, demonstrating that women can lead very capably, too! The phenomenon of women leading partnership dances reflects their changing role in society.  In the spirit of “art imitates life,” DanceInTime brings you a presentation in which ladies embrace all the roles that are played by Latin dancers.

And the audience members may want to bring their dancing shoes, as the program can be constructed to give them a chance to learn some dance steps if they wish!  (Women in the audience can be given the opportunity to learn the leader’s steps, of course.)  The program is guaranteed to be both empowering and fun!!
Every time this show is done, it’s uniquely designed to best suit each venue/audience.  The show would generally be constructed to include any or all of these components, according to what is desired:

  1. Performance by two dancers
  2. Performance by a dance team  (Can include having the audience guess which dancer is leading/which is following)
  3. Instruction for anyone in the audience who might like to try some moves
  4. Brief talk about the history of women’s roles from antiquity to the present and how they have changed.  Talk can include discussion of how dance roles reflect societal norms, and the tradition-breaking work done by this dance group.


Performance Description: “TEA FOR THREE: Lady BirdPat & Betty” – Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford.

The Off-Broadway solo hit starring Emmy Award-winning Elaine Bromka offers an unforgettably vivid behind-the-scenes look at three former First Ladies. Critically acclaimed for its blend of wit, intimacy, and passion, the show reveals three women who suddenly found themselves celebrities — in what Pat Nixon called “the hardest unpaid job in the world!”

“Good stories…subtle…even silence is emotion-filled.” — The New York Times     

“Bromka wonderfully embodies the three women.”  — This Week in New York

 “Marvelous…poignant…the authors have humanized their subjects.” — The Star-Ledger      

“Brilliant!  Reaches across the aisles.”  — WomenArts     

“A fascinating evening…laced with insight, emotion and humor.”   — Times Herald-Record   

“6 out of 5 stars!”  — 

“Perfect.”    —  KDHX  


Full bio and prime time video clips:

Watch a video clip of the show:


 A TV (GirlsLaw & Order, Sex & the City, E.R., Sopranos and more), Broadway, Off-Broadway and film (the Uncle Buck mom) veteran, Bromka starred as eight of the First Ladies in The Presidents for PBS.  Acting and writing workshops, including “Acting on Camera” and “Making Your Monologue Hot!”, taught at over 100 colleges and high schools, are also available as part of a residency.  Extensive references, interviews, and residency information on website. Theaters, performing art centers, colleges, museums, clubs, fund raisers.  Over 300 venues include the Smithsonian, the Cerritos Arts Center, the Long Arts Center, the Straz, and theaters and colleges nationwide. 

Memphis, TN 38103-5005
Phone:  901-525-7510
Email :


PFC-at-Bank-of-Jackson-10-2016 (1)
















Paula F. Casey is a dynamic speaker on voting rights, particularly the 72-year struggle for women to be included in the U.S. Constitution. She has published a book, The Perfect 36: Tennessee Delivers Woman Suffrage, that’s also available as an e-book and audiobook. She produced a 12:40 DVD on woman suffrage that covers the 72-year struggle for American women to win the right to vote. The suffragists were the original persisters!

 Paula has spoken extensively around the country at conferences, universities, colleges, and
junior colleges. She is an ideal speaker for American history, political science, 
Law Day (May 1), Constitution Day (Sept. 17), Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (Feb. 15), Women’s History Month (March), Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26), and any leadership or election event. Videos are on her website – – and on YouTube –

 She served as president of Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument, Inc., and was primarily responsible for the fund-raising for the monument that was unveiled on Aug. 26, 2016, in Nashville’s Centennial Park. She is working to get monuments to the suffragists across the state of Tennessee before 2020. She served as fiscal agent for Jackson’s statue of Sue Shelton White, the only Tennessee woman jailed fighting for suffrage which was unveiled on May 25, 2017, in front of Jackson’s City Hall.

She chairs the Memphis Suffrage Monument committee which will unveil the “Equality Trailblazers” public art in May 2019 during Memphis/Shelby County’s Bicentennial events. She is also the co-founder of the Tennessee Woman Suffrage Heritage Trail – In her presentations, she highlights the dearth of statuary honoring women. 

 Her book, The Perfect 36: Tennessee Delivers Woman Suffrage, and DVD, “Generations: American Women Win the Vote,” are available in the NWHP online store.

Special Podcast

yellow roses



Historical Interpreter Extraordinaire

Historical Women Portrayed and Thematic Units
photo for presentHarriet Tubman:
Civil War, Slavery, Underground Railroad, Abolition
Sojourner Truth: Civil War, Women Suffrage, Abolition, Slavery, Itinerant Preacher
Bessie Coleman: World War 1, Aviation, Jim Crow, Roaring Twenties
Madam C.J. Walker: Entrepreneur (Hair, skin & nail products), Civil Rights, Harlem Renaissance
Mary Fields: Wild West, Mail Carrier
Phillis Wheatley: Revolutionary War, (General George Washington, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere), Revolutionary Poet, Literary Genius
Hatshepsut: Egyptian Pharaoh
******All of the above women may be seen and read about on my web site.
Program Description:
All of my performances are approximately 50 minutes to one hour. I dress like the women and weave their life story from birth to the end of their life. I bring history alive!!! The audience will be right there when history unfolds right in front of their eyes. My performances are educational, inspiring, empowering, transforming and entertaining at the same time. It is a must see program. It is not your average program. One of the audience members once said that, “I did not perform Sojourner Truth tonight I became her.” There is always a question and answer period at the end of each performance. I also travel with memorabilia.
Audience Range: Grades three to adults
Geographic Range: Anywhere in the USA and Abroad—Whomever calls I will come.
Books Written:
A beautiful woman inherits her father’s farm and inherits all that goes into running a successful farm; love romance, marriage, tragedy.
Ms. Emmaline’s Little Book of Wit & Wisdom: It is a list of phrases parents used on the Farm of a little girl growing up in South Carolina. It is the African proverbs meeting Roots.
Zach and his Lucky Zebra Socks: A little five year old walking to the beat of his own drum; in dressing himself; he is extremely lucky whenever he wears his zebra socks.
Deedle, Deedle Your House is on Fire: The best summer adventures since Huckleberry Finn.

**I am available for your next Book Club Meeting or Book Signing. Books may be ordered from Amazon or Author house.

I am available for your next: Banquet, luncheon, meeting, conference, convention, community day, family reunion, youth summit, summer camp, church program, school program, college seminar, women conference/forum, documentary, feature film, radio talk show, TV talk show, and birthday parties.

****I also present a very special KWANZAA presentation –everyone gets involved –making gifts, dancing and singing.

**** For the sixth year I will present The Harriet Tubman summer camp and the Bessie Coleman summer camp. A unique camp fusing history and science-STEM.




Please share this information with others and I do hope our path cross soon, thank you.

138 Knickerbocker Rd.
Englewood NJ, 07631
Phone: 201-568-6052

pennyProgram Description:  Celebrating Women!  A dynamic slide show of  photographs enlivened by award-winning author Penny Colman’s narration and commentary. For twenty-five years Colman has traveled throughout America to parks, cemeteries, historic sites, city streets, buildings, nature preserves, gardens, etc. to locate and photograph monuments, markers, and memorials to historic women. Now, she has compiled her extraordinary collection of photographs into an entertaining, informative, and inspiring presentation that can be adapted to suit different venues.

The author of many award-winning books, Penny has been honored by the New Jersey State Legislature for her books and public appearances that have “contributed to the advancement of women.” Her other thoroughly engaging programs are:

Adventurous Women2Adventurous Women: Eight True Stories about Women Who Made a Difference A fascinating slide show and Penny Colman’s stories about eight amazing women from an Arctic explorer to a plant hunter who lived passionate, productive and adventurous lives.


Friendship6Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A Friendship That Changed the World A thought-provoking slide show and Penny Colman’s insights into the legendary friendship between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and their historic 51-year-long fight for women’s rights, despite fierce opposition, daunting conditions, and betrayal by friends and allies.


 Rosie the RiviterRosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front In World War II An inspiring slide show with archival film footage and Penny Colman’s commentary about the heroic women who kept the home front running and created the “miracle of production” that ensured the Allies success in World War II.

Book Club Conversations: Lively, interactive conversations with Penny Colman about any of her books via Skype or Facetime, or in person if possible. For information galore about Penny’s books please go to


P.O. Box 362
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone(650) 712-4400

Robert-Cooney-AuthorDescription: Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr. has studied the historic drive to win the vote by American women for over 15 years.  After attending the University of Santa Clara in California, he joined the staff of the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence in Palo Alto where he designed and co-edited “The Power of the People: Active Nonviolence in the United States” (Peace Press: 1977).  This illustrated history traced nonviolent tactics and philosophy throughout U.S. history from William Penn to Martin Luther King, Jr., and awakened an interest in the woman suffrage movement.  Moving to Pt. Reyes Station in 1977, he opened Robert Cooney Graphic Design and subsequently created hundreds of books, publications, and special projects for commercial and non-profit clients.  In 1993 he started the Woman Suffrage Media Project to coordinate and further efforts to popularize this little known part of American history.

He also began research for a photographic history of the suffrage movement, and over the following years visited or corresponded with major libraries and historical societies across the country.  Recipient of a research grant from The Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Harvard, he served as a researcher and consultant for several suffrage related books, publications, and films including the PBS documentary, “One Women, One Vote.”  After over a decade of work, he completed the lavishly illustrated, 500 page history, “Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement,” full of facts and images documenting women’s early political achievements.  The book received glowing reviews and was recommended as an essential resource for the nation’s public and school libraries.  He has spoken at the Smithsonian Institution, the National Constitution Center, and the Library of Congress, emphasizing in particular the successful grassroots political campaigns suffragists waged between 1910 and 1920.

Mr. Cooney received the “Write Women Back Into History” Award in 2005 from the National Women’s History Project in recognition of his work uncovering this empowering chapter in American history.  A native of St. Louis, Missouri, he lives with his wife in Half Moon Bay, California and is available to speak in California and nationally about this important part of American history.

Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 612­-729-­6457

Program Description: An author, performer, storyteller and recovering academic, Jane Curry researched and wrote the shows in her repertoire, all of which use women’s history and humor to educate, entertain, and address issues of gender equity. Over the years she has performed her solo shows for educational institutions, conferences, Federal Women’s 0Programs, corporations, community groups, festivals, and celebrations in 48 states, Japan and Israel.

Nice Girls Don’t Sweat: Sammy Kay Knight, English teacher and veteran of the All American Red Heads professional basketball team, tells stories about women’s experiences with athletics over time. Her verbal meanderings engage the enduring themes of physical capacities, propriety, and femininity.“It’s hard to think of yourself as weak and dependent after you’ve just run five or ten miles.” 


math teacherMiz Wizard’s Science Secrets: Barbara Knight, aka Miz Wizard, tells stories about women’s contributions to science, engineering, invention, and math…about revolutionary research and media portrayals… about obstacles faced and overcome by women whose passion is discovery. “The actual medallion awarded for the Nobel Prize in physics and chemistry is adorned on one side with the likeness of a bare-breasted woman. Do you think this is supposed to be an illustration of gravity?”


samanthaSamantha ‘Rastles’ the Woman Question: Features farm wife and rustic philosopher Samantha Smith Allen as she uses horse sense humor and dry wit to “rastle” with questions concerning history’s treatment of women, rights denied by the church, women’s powerlessness before the law, social status, role assumptions, and more.
“Whenever he sees me feelin’ so dubersome about not havin’ the suffrage, Josiah nearly always tries to comfort me. He never fails to say, ‘You’ve got to remember always that I vote as your representative.’ I cannot begin to tell you how much comfort I derive from that declaration.”

kitche and apronsSisters of the Quill and Skillet: As her deadline approaches, columnist Weezie Alton just can’t seem to find the inspiration for her latest offering of “Weezie’s Whimsies.” So she does what any other self-respecting writer would do. She procrastinates. In the process, she engages in a monologue that centers on women’s domestic life and advice given to women over time. “The Rules for Marriage advises women to wear their hair long even though it’s easier to wear it short…’Long hair reminds you that you’re a woman.’ Yeah, as if breasts and periods didn’t already do the trick!”

See : for reviews of individual shows.



4633 Longwater Chase
Sarasota, FL 34235-7124
Phone: (941) 379-6215

PrintSoniaPicPro648Program Description. Sonia Pressman Fuentes is an engaging speaker, known for her sense of humor, even when discussing  serious subjects like “The Women’s Rights Movement, Its Past, Present, and the Problems That Remain–Both in the U.S. and Worldwide.”

Sonia occupies a unique position among feminists: She was a co-founder of NOW and is one of a handful of NOW founders alive and actively involved in women’s rights to this day. She was also the first woman attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and drafted some of the EEOC’s landmark decisions and guidelines.

She has given talks, presented testimony, or served as a consultant  on the American revolution in women’s rights throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Japan, China, Israel, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. For years, she traveled abroad as an “American specialist” on the women’s rights movement for the then-US Information  Agency.

Sonia also gives talks about her exceptional life. She was born in Berlin, Germany of Polish-Jewish parents,  with  whom she fled the Nazi regime, going first to Belgium, and then coming to the U.S. in 1934.  One of six permanent exhibits at the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, dedicated to the Red Star Line and immigration, is about Sonia.

She is the author of a memoir, Eat First–You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You: The Adventures of an Immigrant  Family and Their Feminist Daughter.


Phone: 630-297-8046   
Amelia-Earhart-by-Leslie-Godard-smallPerformance description: History comes alive in the hands of award-winning actress/scholar Leslie Goddard, who portrays some of history’s most memorable women. Goddard holds a Ph.D. in history and a master’s degree in theater and designs programs that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Amelia Earhart. The American aviator shares stories of her courageous exploits and spirited flying adventures. 1930s.

Jane Austen and Her Women. The British novelist brings to life eight of her characters, each of whom shares thoughts on  romantic love and marriage. 1810s.

Margaret Powell.  A revealing look at life in a wealthy household from the kitchen maid and cook whose best-selling memoir, Below Stairs, helped inspire Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs. 1920s.

fancy ladyBertha Palmer. The Chicago socialite, wife of real estate magnate Potter Palmer, and pace-setting arts patron, discusses life in Chicago’s early days including the 1871 fire and the Columbian Exposition. 1890s.

Titanic Stewardess Violet Jessop.  Learn about steamship life from the stewardess who survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and the Britannic (Titanic’s virtually identical sister ship) during WWI. 1910s.

Jacqueline Kennedy. The First Lady shares stories of life in the White House, her struggle to retain her privacy, love for fashion and the arts, and her husband’s assassination. 1960s.

Civil War Nurse Clara Barton. Clara Barton discusses her work as a nurse on the front lines of a Civil War battlefield. 1860s.

leslie-performer-smallBette Davis. The brilliant, feisty actress gives an insider’s look at life in Hollywood during its Golden Age. 1950s.

All programs run 45-50 minutes and include period artifacts, historic photographs, and authentic costuming. Visit

 Availability: National

“Your talent and creative presentations are matched by no other! All the ladies could talk about was how you ‘drew them in’ and made them feel as if they were really there. An outstanding performance.” Vice Regent, DAR

“Over and over I heard, ‘Who else does she do?’ and ‘Can we have her back?’” Director, Allied Arts Club

“Your evaluations garnered some of the best reviews we’ve ever had!” Director, Lemont Public Library

Please note: No program is confirmed until you have a confirmation letter from me (or a signed copy of your own confirmation form)

Pat Jordan
Phone:  610-688-5842

 Program Descriptions:  It’s my great joy to bring Famous American Women to your library, school or organization.  Choose a 45-minute presentation, Q&A, Speech, Meet & Greet, Workshop or Special Program



Clara Barton: Civil War Nurse & Founder of the American Red Cross
Clara Barton was an 1821 Christmas baby.   After careers as a teacher and a clerk, she headed for the front lines in the Civil War, taking supplies to wounded soldier and earning the title “Angel of the Battlefield.” 

Later, she established the American Red Cross, bringing disaster relief to countless thousands. 
Clara’s indomitable determination and boundless good will are a model for all Americans.
[Civil War, Nursing, Public Service]

Carrie Chapman Catt:  Suffragist, Founder of the League of Women Voters
and National Women’s Hall of Fame Honoree
Born in 1859, Carrie Chapman Catt became a popular school superintendent, charismatic lecturer, astute organizer and two-time president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.  She was a major force in the 19th Amendment becoming a reality in 1920.  Carrie was featured on the cover of Time Magazine, worked for world peace and was awarded the American Hebrew Medal for her efforts in WWII.  [Woman Suffrage, Peace Advocacy]



lma-msf-army-frameLouisa May Alcott: Reformer & Author of “Little Women”
Nineteenth Century writer Louisa May Alcott grew up in a time of radical social change.  After a childhood spent in ‘genteel poverty’, she struggled to establish a writing career, later becoming a Civil War nurse.  Louisa never married and continued to write and work tirelessly for reform as she single-handedly supported her family.  It’s an extraordinary story!  [Writers, Civil War, Concord Philosophers]

More:  Amelia Earhart, Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, Dorothea Dix, Mary Todd Lincoln, Indentured Servant Bridgid O’Murphy, Pennsylvanian Anna Morris Holstein

“She talks the talk and walks the walk [in] a convincing first-person voice to share the compelling and decades-long story of the fight for women’s right to vote.” R. Winters, President, League of Women Voters of Radnor

“Thank you for…a great performance. We hope to have you here again.” P. Payne, NASA-Langley

“We have 28 students enrolled in your Elder Week lecture and are very excited!” P. Scepansky, Delaware Co. Elder Week

“Pat tells a dynamic and memorable story in a short amount of time, and students from all locations and backgrounds have reacted very well to her.” B. Rogers, Campus Life, Delaware County Community College

“Carrie… got rave reviews!” R. Goodman, Shannondell Community Interest Group

“You had the audience mesmerized.  BRAVO!”   NJ-AARP Chapter
“Betsy Ross was perfect!” 
PA Sleep Conference
“Thank you, thank you!  …Amelia came to life for [my daughters] and me.”
 College Park Airport Museum
“…A wonderful portrayal…so quiet, you could hear a pin drop!  That’s a first for our group.”
Jacksonville Community Center
“Everyone loved you…You take such a personal interest, we can tell you love it too.  Also, here’s a copy of the article/interview by the local paper–you were front page!”
  Montville Historical Society


TALES WELL TOLD / Michèle LaRue (AEA, SAG-AFTRA; SSAWW, SSASS, Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society, Century 19, Kate Chopin International Society) 281 Lincoln Ave., Secaucus, NJ 07094 (I also reside part-time in the Chicago.)
Phone: 201-863-6436

Facebook, Linked In

Performance Description: Vivid portrayals of Gilded Age women. These vibrant living-history lessons connect audiences with their past through compelling characters whose dilemmas and insights, passion and humor, are also our own. ŸEnthusiastic presenters range from colleges and universities, to woman’s clubs, libraries, and historical societies. (Schools: grades 7 – 12 with preparation.) ŸMore than 400 sponsors include Chicago’s Newberry Library, DC’s National Portrait Gallery, NYC’s Womenkind festivals, and international conferences of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society, the American Quilter’s Society, and the Popular/ American Culture associations.

•  MicheleACelebrate OUR WOMAN Suffrage Centennials with Someone Must Wash the Dishes: An Anti-Suffrage Satire. Many women resisted the Vote. In 1912, satirist Marie Jenney Howe created a fictional “Anti” who charmingly twists logic to blame Suffrage for divorce, anarchy, drunkenness, and confusion of the sexes. A lecture and talk-back reveal the surprising sources of those arguments. Period costume.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “Side-splitting”; “outstanding”; “wicked.”  

MicheleC• Gettysburg: One Woman’s War. Elsie Singmaster has written a powerful exploration of this Civil War icon’s physical and emotional terrain. Fictional townswoman Mary Bowman lives the war and its legacy—from the first shots at Willoughby Run to the consolation of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, to the country’s healing a half century on. Published in 1913, on the eve of another fateful cataclysm: World War I.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “What you have to offer is priceless”; “Luminous!” “Revelatory!”

• The Bedquilt. Old Aunt Mehetabel is taken for granted by her New England family—until she conceives a quilt “beyond which no pattern could go.” This suspenseful tale from 1906 achingly reveals Mehetabel’s journey to self-respect, universal admiration, and the realization of her ideal. Written by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Introduced by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s gleeful A Quilting Bee in Our Village.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “You could hear a pin drop!” “Riveting—twice—I would love to hear it again!”

• Eve’s Diary. Gayle Stahlhuth’s remarkable adaptation of stories by Mark Twain. Flinging anachronisms every which-way, Twain created a captivating First Woman who embodied all the contradictions of his time and ours. Through Eve’s eyes, we discover Eden, the unknown world beyond, a passion for learning . . . and the depth and complexity of love.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “An actor’s tour de force.” “LaRue brings Twain’s Eve radiantly to life.”

MicheleBThirty Other Tales include: Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever [pictured], Sarah Orne Jewett’s Miss Esther’s Guest, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s The Revolt of Mother, Kate Chopin’s A Pair of Silk Stockings, Edna Ferber’s Representing T.A. Buck, Elia W. Peattie’s The House that Was Not. Choose a Tale or two, to suit your audience and event.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “It’s difficult to find the words to describe the wonder of what you do”; “How terrific you are! Do the humanities and arts commissions of every state know about you?”

“Vivid performances for small budgets and big imaginations.”

Linda McKenney: Actress, Writer, Story Teller
Address: 5 Stark Trail, Gansevoort, NY 12831
Phone: 518-229-5695

lindaI introduce Susan B. Anthony, in story form, to middle and high school students and adult audiences.  My representation of her is a clear message of equality of rights and opportunity for all.  Susan Brownell Anthony was a pioneer leader for women’s suffrage. In my historical re-enactment, I take my audience on Susan’s journey from childhood to her death.  Providing snippets of her life and roles in Temperance, Abolition and The Women’s Suffrage Movement.

My representation of Susan B Anthony includes interaction with the audience.  I open the floor for questions and do not deter from character while answering.  This is a one-woman show of historical significance.




Writer & Performer of Tea with Alice and Me.
Represented by: Wild West Women, Inc.
Contact: Martha Wheelock
Phone: 1 800 428-7136

zoe tea

Tea with Alice and Me is a full length one-woman performance that invites the audience to visit the many places and ways that women have gathered.  From Parlors to Tearooms, from Bookstores to Marches ~ Seneca, Selfridges, The National Woman’s Party, Springfield to Washington DC.  Of course it is really about a cup of revolution served up in nonviolent direct action.  From 1775 through today, Zoe takes you on her militant, revolutionary, feminist call to action.  Dozens of pictures, clippings and personal stories transport you to each time and place she describes.

Zoe has been practicing nonviolent direct action for over 50 years and her North Star, Miss Alice Paul has led the way.  Heckling, fasting, marching, organizing, these two women have a lot to teach and inspire contemporary activists.


zoe slides Performer


730 Second Street #469
P.O. Box 469
Phone: (707) 636-2888
Fax: (707) 636-2909

Description: Believing that knowing the importance of women’s historic achievements creates a larger, more expansive vision of what is possible, MacGregor in 1980 co-founded the National Women’s History Project (NWHP), which spearheaded the movement for what has become National Women’s History Month. MacGregor has served as the Executive Director of the NWHP for the past 35 years. During that time, she has worked with leaders of national women’s organizations to encourage them to celebrate their own organizations’ history as well as to build coalitions to develop programs and events that celebrate the vast array of women’s historic achievements. She has worked with school districts throughout the country to train teachers in ways to integrate a multicultural women’s history perspective into the school curriculum. She is a recognized expert in the field of women’s history and has keynoted hundreds of women’s history events and conferences.

Studio: 220 South Berlin Road, Lindenwold, NJ 08021
Mailing: P.O. Box 32, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026
Phone: 856-346-3131
Performance Description: Soraida Martinez is a nationally recognized artist/writer/social advocate who since 1992 has been promoting peace and tolerance through her Verdadism paintings with written social commentaries. Some of the themes that the artist addresses in her presentation are racism, sexism, stereotyping, ethnocentrism, feminism, personal relationships, healthcare and current social issues that affect 21st century America society. The purpose of Soraida’s Verdadism Exhibition is to promote humanity through art and words that foster open-mindedness and acceptance of the differences in all human beings. 

The artist has appeared at major universities, corporations and institutions (e.g., Columbia University, Trinity College, Towson University, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Department of Veterans Affairs, New Jersey Department of Community Development, Vanguard Group) throughout the northeast, but is available nationwide. She is also the author of a book on the art of Verdadism and she has been recognized by educational and governmental organizations for her socially conscious art and social statements. This presentation is appropriate for college level students and adults.

The Latina Influence in American Society
Based in: San Diego, CA

Performance Description: The Latina Influence in American Society.
Compiling and writing The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength and Success was a life-changing experience for award-winning journalist Sylvia Mendoza. Writing hundreds of profiles and feature stories covering human interest, diversity, literacy, women’s empowerment, education and social justice was always her passion—but the book brought her passion full circle. It became the project of her heart. And writing it changed her life.

The women Sylvia researched for The Book of Latina Women had courage that strengthened her, vision that inspired her, and passion that engulfed her. To share their stories with people from all walks of life, especially students and women, is a joy, an honor—and a mission. There is a need to acknowledge these Latinas (and so many others!) and celebrate their accomplishments in order to break stereotypes, bridge societal gaps, and establish a mutual respect so that each individual can be seen as a potential center of influence.

These Latinas serve as examples—that each of us has the power to make a positive mark in this world.

Sylvia’s other lecture topics include:

  1. A Woman’s Power to Effect Change—Locally, Nationally, Globally
  2. Every Woman has a Story to Tell
  3. Writing to Change the World (One Journalist’s Point of View)

The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength & Success was selected for the 2007 California Collection for High Schools by the California Readers’ Association. Sylvia has presented at C-Span Book TV, The L.A. Times Festival of Books, Book Expo AmericaSouthern California Writers’ Conference and Latino Book & Family Festival.

Sylvia earned her M.A. in Digital Journalism from National University, her B.A. in Print Journalism from the University of Southern California, and certification in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University.

A journalist, author, teacher, and editor, Sylvia continues to adamantly believe in the power of the written word, that every person has a story to tell—and that these stories need to be shared.



Living History
120 Cabrini Blvd, New York, NY 10033
Phone: 212-740-6201
Performance description: Anne Pasquale’s Living History Programs. Offers participational Women’s History Programs for audiences of all ages.

This year’s show roster includes:

The Legendary Lady of The Overland, Calamity Jane
America’s First Female Reporter, Nellie Bly
The Revolutionary, Deborah Sampson
Helen and Me, the Story of Annie Sullivan Macy and Helen Keller
Liberty Belles, Stories and Songs of Immigration

annepasqueA free 45 minute walk-about is offered with every assembly. Or with any of our shows you can follow up with a 5-day residency ending in a final primary source presentation created and performed by all participants.

Live music, join-in re-enactments and historical fun, highlight every presentation.
The performers are body-miked and can accommodate audiences up to 500 in number.
Fees prior to travel are: $500.00 for a single program and $700.00 for two performances back to back.


Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti’s portrayal of historical women introduces untapped history, drawing on a wide array of primary historical resources. For the past 20 years Gwendolyn has engaged audiences with performances giving voice to real life accounts, struggles, self-determination, and triumphs of women she portrays. Each performance infused with her unique finger print giving an integral portrait of a historical event or person.

An award-winning artist, in recognition of the quality and range of her work
. Received Theatre in Museums/Theater and Interpretation Techniques Certification at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
. Alliance Award for valuable service and support Institute of Texan Cultures of San Antonio
Institute of Texan Cultures Director’s Award for Excellence
. Recipient of ESA Connecticut Chapter Portraying Sarah Harris at State Museum/Prudence Crandall
. Certificate of Merit from the Office of Secretary of State Connecticut
. Greater Hartford Arts Council & Boston Fund Individual Artist Fellowship
. 1st place International Toastmaster Award
. Connecticut Arts for Learning Signature Core Services Certificate
. Crowned Ms. Senior Connecticut 2010.

Performance Description:

gwen2If I Am Not for Myself Who Will Be for Me   During the fall of 1796, George Washington’s final months in office, Oney Judge Staines, a slave, escaped the Executive Mansion in Philadelphia.  There is always an underside – hidden from sight the more unpleasant or reprehensible side that needs to surface to give an integral portrait of a historical event or person. Oney’s story is one such story. Her voice gives the informative accounts needed to appreciate her struggles, self-determination, and triumphs of her life. Her account was not a stereotypical runaway account.

I Can’t Die but Once   Harriet Tubman a woman of unique qualities and abilities even though she was illiterate, kept an unblemished record of vigilance, legacy of sacrifice and struggle.  Harriet Tubman weaves a tale of truth, pain; courage and determination that take the audience into her life -enslaved – eventual escape and the United States Government asking for her unique talent – evading capture behind enemy lines. They enlisted her as a scout and spy for the Union cause and she battled courageously behind enemy lines during the Civil War.  The elementary school version may be more palatable, but the real Tubman is far more inspiring.

gwen3Looking Things Over    Zora Neale Hurston considered one of the pre-eminent writers of twentieth-century African-American literature, an American novelist, short story writer, folklorist, and anthropologist. After going to Florida in 1927 to collect folklore, and after years of organizing her notes published Mules and Men in 1935.  Zora, not only did she love writing the folklores she enjoyed telling them.   Zora celebrated the African American culture of the rural South, because she believed that black people had wonderful stories that the world needed to hear, and she told them proudly.  


“We truly appreciated your stellar performance at Lincoln Financial Group. From the earliest moments you captured everyone’s rapt attention and kept us focused on the story the entire time. We will certainly keep you in mind in the future!” Robert Moarcas Lincoln Financial Group Hrtd.

I am writing to express my appreciation of Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti’s impersonation of Harriet Tubman. She was Brilliant! Her passion for history and her admiration for Harriet Tubman’s courage and accomplishments clearly come through. I want to thank her for “breathing life” into this incredible person.

Thomas Kemintzer Adjunct Professor Long Island University

“I truly enjoyed your performance (Harriet Tubman). You did a super job and you so impressed me on how totally you disappeared in the character. You were mesmerizing!”

gwen4Suzanne Fonda Owner of Historical Entertainments

 A few days ago, I attended your portrayal of Harriet Tubman at the Port Washington, New York, and Public Library.   Wow!  What an impressive presentation! I felt like it should be a Broadway show. You were so good that I was wondering if I was really at a free performance at a local library, and then feeling guilty about it, because you should be on Broadway!

Sincerely, E. Suter, Ph.D.

“I thought it was spellbinding …she is a phenomenal storyteller, I have seen other storytellers and non-fiction narratives, but she (Quezaire-Presutti) is so believable that I wanted to see her again.” said Jones as reported by Estefania Souza of Wicked Local Roslindale, MA. “I was so impressed by it that I invited some people (too the Roslindale performance),” said Jones, who saw Quezaire-Presutti in Jamaica Plain on June 15.

I highly recommend Ms. Quezaire-Presutti. Not only can she educate and entertain, but she is able to tailor her programs to her audience making adjustments to them depending on whether she is working with children, teens, or adults. She is a consummate professional, but she enthralled our audience from the moment she entered the hall. The audience responded immediately and hung on every word, and the Q&A at the end of the program brought it all together. It was a brilliant success.

Andrew Bowers, Pres., Littleton Lyceum Committee

gewn5Thank you so very much for the outstanding presentation you made today…so many employees have approached me and told me how much they enjoyed the presentation! You could hear a pin drop in the room, people were really focused on every word you uttered. You surely have a gift and we rarely can get a glimpse of the personal impact of slavery from the vantage point you provided. There is a buzz around this place that you get the Delta Dental Academy award for the year!

Connie Roy-Czyzowski, SPHR, CCP, Vice President, Human ResourcesAnd by the way…

The Performance:   Each historical characterization performed in period costume and is 45 to 60 minutes in length.

The Space:  A stage is never required, however, a certain amount of space for the performance and several set pieces.    A platform, or stage if available, increases the viewing pleasure of the audience, especially for large groups.    The Options:  Q/A in character and/or out of character is always welcome.  
Travel:  International    Fees:   Call for information.    



Anthony (1820-1906) recalls her life as an earnest, and for a time, a frivolous, young woman and the events that brought her to meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Shortly thereafter, Anthony became a full-time worker for woman’s rights‚—her right to the control of her own person, her right to ownership of her wages, her right to the guardianship of her children—and finally, her right to woman’s suffrage.

“Miriam brings to life this historically important woman in a way that inspires a passion for social activism”-Nancy Kilham, Ashland, OR



LOUISA MAY ALCOTT: Living Little Women
Alcott (1832-1888) was first the daughter of a self-educated, devoted mother and then an author, whose best-selling book, Little Women, ended a life of dire poverty for her family and herself. Growing up in the heart of the Transcendental community, she knew Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson as friends and neighbors, but Louisa May Alcott really wanted to be an actress, not an author.

“A gem…informative, entertaining, delightful, and moving.”—Rebecca Carey, Vocal Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

MARGARET SANGER: Radiant Rebel 1940
At a press conference in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Margaret Sanger relates her experience as a pioneer of legal contraception, her second marriage, her encounters with local officials and with international figures such as Gandhi.
” A gripping portrayal.” – Wilkes University, Wilkes Barre, PA 

Rebel_1916bMARGARET SANGER: Radiant Rebel 1916
Sanger (1879-1966), in an after-dinner speech, recounts growing up in a large and poor family and seeing her mother die young after a lifetime of consumption and seventeen pregnancies. As a nurse on the Lower East Side, Sanger cared for women who endured illegal abortions that were too often fatal. At a time when doctors were jailed for giving advice on contraception, Sanger recalls the daring steps she took to change the law, to make contraceptives legal and freely available to women.               

A huge success…Your show opened their eyes…to Sanger’s contribution to the Woman’s Movement. —College of Charleston, SC


( Barricade Books 2004)
“I want…to express my appreciation for such an important, inspiring, and detailed account of this remarkable woman. Thank you. Your work reminds me of the importance of knowing our history. The topic could not be more important than it is today.”
Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director,
National Woman’s History Project

The book deftly showcases Sanger’s grit and determination. Publishers Weekly


Forty-minute Music CD,
History Booklet with Song Lyrics,
& Work Study Questions  $15.00 

A GREAT learning tool for my U.S. History Class.
—Barbara J. Rozek



reedportMIRIAM REED proudly earned her doctorate in Comparative Literature (UCLA 1980) and discovered how little she knew. Specifically, she had no idea who Elizabeth Cady Stanton was. Galvanized by her own ignorance, Miriam determined to save other women from such ignominy and launched her one-woman performances to educate and entertain, calling her solo plays “Women’s History 101“ With her savings, she wrote Margaret Sanger: Her Life in Her Words (Barricade Books, 2003) Miriam lives with her Border Collie, Marnie, in Ashland, Oregon.

The Journey of Mollie’s War from Inspiration to Publication

cyndee1Performance Description: Cyndee Schaffer discusses her mother’s WWII experience as a WAC (Women’s Army Corps) by taking you on a journey from inspiration to publication in her presentation about “Mollie’s War” and the first women in the military during World War II.  “Mollie’s War,” co-authored by Cyndee and her mother, Mollie Weinstein Schaffer, is a memoir that takes you on the romantic and always frightful journey of a WAC during the height of WWII who followed the troops into England, France and finally Germany with the Army of Occupation. It is a story woven around the collection of letters (photos and memorabilia) that Mollie wrote home to her family during WWII along with historical commentary concurrent with the letters.

It details Mollie’s experiences assigned to the Medical Intelligence division of the U.S. Army.  Using excerpts from Mollie’s letters, Cyndee provides a glimpse into the life of a woman in uniform during this crucial time in history. Mollie was stationed in London before D-Day and during the German buzz bombs attacks after D-Day. She was then transferred to Normandy and Paris after its liberation and, because of her fluency in French, was able to act as an informal French translator in social and work –related situations. Finally she was transferred to Frankfurt, Germany as part of the Army of Occupation and witnessed first-hand the devastation of the country. This book vividly depicts her experiences from her first train trip to Daytona Beach, Florida for basic training in October 1943 to the dramatic image of her seeing the Statue of Liberty as her ship approached the shores of the USA in November as she returned home.

cyndee4Mollie passed away in April 2012 at 95 but Cyndee continues to share her fascinating story by speaking to groups including veterans groups, libraries, senior living facilities/centers, women’s groups, men’s clubs, historical societies, and other organizations. She discusses the writing adventure from inspiration to publication.  Presentation includes a PowerPoint slide show and a DVD of a recruiting movie produced by Warner Bros studio, “It’s Your War, Too” in which Mollie had two cameo appearances.   Presentations are for all ages and are adapted according to the audience. Some comments by groups who have attended presentations:

Women’s group:  Your PEO program was such a delight for all of us Tuesday evening. From the beautiful display to the informative PowerPoint to your articulate script to the fascinating recruitment film, we learned so much. Your process encourages us all to look for those interesting family stories to tell.

AAUW group:  We were unbelievably honored to have you come and tell your remarkable story of your mom and WWII. Our group was completely mesmerized by your presentation.  Yes, I am sure that it is always a little sad to tell your mom’s story especially since her passing, but it is truly the most wonderful way to honor her deeds and accomplishments. We are extremely blessed to have you tell her story and you couldn’t do a better job of keeping her spirit alive.

cyndee2Institute for Continued Learning:   I believe that Mollie’s War had special meaning for me because it provided me with a rare vicarious encounter with loving family dynamics and a long and close mother-child relationship, which I never had the opportunity to experience. Few books I have read have had the lasting impression on me than yours has, and I never pass up the chance to recommend it to others.  It has been a joy to have become acquainted with you, and a privilege to have been able to help present your wonderful story to my colleagues. You are a truly delightful person, and I will long have fond memories of my good fortune to have met you–and your dear mother.


cyndee3Cyndee Schaffer
Author of “Mollie’s War”
Fiscal 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Road Scholar from Illinois Humanities: s/ihc-road-scholars-speakers-bureau
Silver Award in the Nonfiction Book Awards:
read about Mollie’s War in North Shore Weekend magazine: /tnsw_w28#
Audio Version of “Mollie’s War” is now on the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Women: Back to the Future
12122 David Dr.
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: 301-622-1588

Performance Description:  Educate, motivate and inspire your audience with stirring musical theater featuring real Can-Do Women who exceeded the expectations of their time. 

Each 50- minute show Women: Back to the Future or Petticoats in Politics includes clever onstage costume and makeup changes creating magical transitions between historical periods. 3-4 women featured per show.

Selections include Abigail Adams – First Lady,  Sacagawea – Native American Guide,  Lucy Stone – 19th Century Suffragist,  Bessie Coleman – African American Pilot, Rachel Carson – Environmentalist- Award Winning Writer , Marian Anderson Singer/Humanitarian, Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady of the World/Humanitarian,  Louise Arner Boyd – Explorer who led SEVEN Arctic Expeditions!

Also included: Alice Paul – 20th Century Suffragist,  Rose Crabtree – member of The 1920 All Women Town Council of Jackson Hole, WY.  Juliette Low – Founder of Girls Scouts, Betty Ford – First Lady, founder of Betty Ford Center, drug and alcohol treatment Kate’s newest show Petticoats in Politics educates audiences to a vital yet neglected era of American history. Petticoats in Politics.

 Each woman portrayed in the context of her time with song, monologue, poetry, and movement.

Optional Q&A after performance.

The closing song includes American Sign Language.  Shows are adapted to each audience.  Excellent for schools K-12, College and University, Government, Military, Conferences, Conventions, Women and Civic Groups. Tours nationwide. 

In Forging Frontiers, Kate brings to life historic American women STEM leaders and highlights diverse contemporary STEM role models. Meet Rachel Carson – marine biologist, writer and environmentalist; and Louise A. Boyd who led SEVEN Arctic expeditions in the 1920’s and 1930’s!

Forging Frontiers helps break through cultural biases, highlights inspiring STEM role models and encourages participants to further explore STEM classes and career options.  “If you see it-you can be it!”. Program adapts for audiences 8 years to adults.


8547 E. Arapahoe Road, PMBJ189
Greenwood Village, CO 80112-1430
Phone: 303-796-8204

#2 Jill_Tietjen_01-1Description: Co-author of the bestselling and award-winning book Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America and CEO of the National Women’s Hall of Fame,
Jill S.Tietjen is an author, speaker, and electrical engineer. Tietjen uses highly visual PowerPoint presentations, accompanied by a beautiful banner stand display, to highlight women’s accomplishments from U.S. history and show the relevance of those accomplishments and actions to today’s women.

Topics are customized to the audience and include: You Can Do It! The Keys are Passion, Determination, and Persistence; The Power of the Women On Whose Shoulders We Stand; and Women Who Network Change the World. Please visit for book reviews, to see Tietjen in television interviews and on C-SPAN/Book TV, to hear her on the radio (including NPR), and to learn more about the topics.


Dr. SallyThe performance: Sally Roesch Wagner presents a 35-minute monologue as Stanton, followed by audience interaction with the 19th-century feminist’s bold wit and brilliant logic, concluding with a conversation with the “scholar beneath the wig.” Wagner says, “Having performed as Elizabeth Cady Stanton for 26 years, I have grown old with her. I am drawing on my 40 years of Stanton research to offer a celebratory gift – the seasoned Stanton at her witty, brilliant, and iconoclastic best.”
Stanton Bicentennial National Tour 2015 is limited to 12 performances.
Also available for two performances: Frederick Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton,”with veteran Chautauqua performer and scholar Charles Pace. For information, contact Barbara Dean (, 540.533.0733).
“We are sowing winter wheat, which the coming spring will see sprout, and other hands than ours will reap and enjoy.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Pioneer feminist historian/activist/performer Sally Roesch Wagner celebrates the bicentennial of the birth of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) with her acclaimed one-woman performance as one of feminism’s most famous foremothers.
–a woman’s right to control her own body
–social and economic justice
–natural childbirth, children’s rights
–divorce reform
–women’s equal legal rights, including the right to vote
–the removal of “offending passages” from the Bible
 –abolition of capital punishment and moreLecture Series





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