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Living the Legacy: The Women’s Rights Movement (1848 – 1998)

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About Legacy ’98

1998 was the 150th Anniversary of the Women’s Rights Movement, launched at the world’s first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Throughout 1998, the tremendous positive changes brought about by the movement were celebrated in offices, schools, and communities nationwide in thousands of events.

Because of countless millions of women who planned, organized, lectured, wrote, marched, petitioned, lobbied, paraded, and broke new ground in every field imaginable, our world is irrevocably changed. Women and men in our generation, and the ones that will follow us, are living the legacy of women’s rights won against staggering odds in a revolution achieved without violence.

Women have much to be proud of in the legacy of the Women’s Rights Movement, and a great deal to celebrate on the anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Rights Movement.

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