National Performers

Jenny Aldrich
2019 Chippawa, Sarasota, FL 34234
Phone: 941-735-1260
Performance Description: Women Masters. Celebrating women, art and life, these programs use the magic of theatre to bring these artists to your audience. While displaying reproductions of their work, the artists discuss their subjects and style. Often in their own words, they describe the people and events that shaped their lives and art. Mary Cassatt, known for her frankness, describes her life in France during the birth of Impressionism. Georgia O’Keeffe conducts a tour through her sensational flowers and abstracts to the vastness of the American West. Lilla Cabot Perry discusses her friendship with Claude Monet and the story of Giverny, the “cradle of American Impressionism.”
Availability: National



Dale Allen
Phone: 203-331-6164

Performance Description: In Our Right Minds™ has been igniting audiences at the United Nations, universities, conferences, expos, holistic learning centers and theaters with a powerful message delivered in an entertaining, engaging format. Dale Allen's passionate presentation guides women to their strength as leaders and leads men to strength without armor, restoring the validity of right brain, "feminine" strengths in humanity. In Our Right Minds is enlightening, inspirational and fun! Ms. Allen returns to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women 2014.

This dynamic, multi media “Cape Canaveral lift-off” features history, myth, original songs, art, artifacts, characters and comedy.   Dale Allen, a veteran of corporate and commercial communications, gives voice to a brilliant, long-forgotten intelligence that is within each of us – the intelligence of the right hemisphere of the brain, the “gatherer-nurturer” side. 


In Our Right Minds, explores the goddess archetype as a metaphor for our right-brain wisdom.  Without an understanding of this archetype, women have been left with no clear model to guide them to their strength and wholeness, and men have been forced to suppress vast parts of their own intuitive, emotional and nurturing natures.

Leadership for a new era will be based on the integration of the feminine, as expressed through both women and men.  The restoration of the sacred feminine has profound implications for every sphere of leadership within families, communities, businesses, health, education, governments and the global economy. The United Nations’ World Conference on Women affirms that the advancement of women is central to every dimension of global development. A sustainable world cannot be built using the old, out-of-balance model; In Our Right Minds™ illuminates an alternative.

“The Mother has left a memory in us all.” 

Availability: National




Linda Allen
2224 Utter Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360-734-7979
Performance description: Both the silencing of women’s experience and the empowering of women’s voices as they struggled for the vote in Washington State will be showcased in this 45-minute, multi-media presentation, featuring original sing-a-long songs, images, stories and readings We meet Spokane’s Helga Estby who walked across America in 1896, Emma Smith Devoe and May Arkwright Hutton, suffragists instrumental in winning the vote in 1910, Alice Lord who organized Seattle waitresses in the 1930s, Rosie, the Riveter, an “icon” from the 40’s, and Rosalinda Guillen, a contemporary activist. Linda offers a window into these and many more ordinary and extraordinary lives.
Availability: National


The American Magic-Lantern Theater
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin
PO Box 44
East Haddam, CT 06438
Phone: 860-345-2574, fax: 860-345-7578
Performance Description: Historically authentic re-creation of an 1890s magic-lantern show of
H. B. Stowe’s classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin-the book Lincoln said started the Civil War.  Victorian Magic-Lantern Shows combined projected images, live drama, and live music, and were the direct ancestor of today’s movies. UTC was the single most popular show in the magic-lantern repertoire.  It can b e presented alone, in reference to Stowe, and/or as part of AMLT’s Civil War Show. AMLT has been touring nationally and internationally for 15 years.  National Public Radio says, “They’re an incredible experience…IF they come to your town, don’t miss them. They’re a living national treasure.”
Availability: National


Ark Theater / That Takes Ovaries 
Phone: 781-583-1515
Performance Description: That Takes Ovaries: Bold Women, Brazen Acts - An entertaining, dramatic event showcasing women's estrogen-powered deeds

For: General audiences, universities, high schools, military, government, conferences, businesses and workplace settings.  Multicultural event, and all genders welcome.

 This Event Includes:

  • A brief introductory talk titled “Leading a Bold Life," which asks the audience: “Why should women and girls lead a bold life?” “Why should I lead a bold life?” We review America's historic struggle for women’s equal rights, including the accomplishments of the First and Second Waves of the Women’s Movement.
  • Entertaining dramatic enactments of diverse women's true stories of bold, risk-taking and courageous deeds -- from playful to political. Stories selected in advance to resonate with your particular audience. Most stories are from our best-selling book, That Takes Ovaries.
  • A That Takes Ovaries Open Mike: The high point of the event. Inspired by the dramatizations, gutsy gals in the audience spontaneously share stories about times they acted boldly. Guys brag about the ovaries in their lives, such as their mothers, sisters and daughters. Everyone who shares gets a Golden Ovary award, a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil.
  • We customize the event to include hot topics that resonate for your specific audience.
  • Vibrant, intelligent, challenging, hilarious, and completely unabashed. -- Stanford Univ.
  • [The] irresistible idea of highlighting take-charge, no-nonsense women. -- San Fran Chronicle
  • Look no further. That Takes Ovaries is powerful theater. -- Ms. magazine

Requirements: No stage required, but we do require minimal A/V equipment for our one That Takes Ovaries leader/actor for this transformational, empowering and audience-participatory event.

Availability: National and international. (Over 700 events already held)



Carrie Sue Ayvar
1829 NE 179 St., N. Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone: 305-945-4804

Performance Description: Everyone’s heard of Miami Beach! See it through the eyes of Rose Weiss: Mother of Miami Beach, who transformed it, with persistence and a smile, from a sparsely populated sandbar (where Jews like her could only live in the southernmost tip) into the world famous multicultural metropolis it is today. Or you can meet trailblazing Doc Anner: Petticoat Doctor of the Everglades, 2nd female doctor in Florida. Artist, physician, pharmacist, wife, mother (and even veterinarian when called upon) she braved alligators, rattlesnakes, violent outlaws and chauvinism to help and heal her patients. Q&A sessions follow with storyteller, performance artist and Chautauqua Scholar Carrie Sue Ayvar.
Availability: National

Annette Baldwin
629 South Yale
Addison, IL 60101
Phone: (630)-279-0856

Description: Through Annette Baldwin's first-person historical characterizations, you will be introduced to and intrigued by some of history's most inspiring and unconventional women.  You may choose to meet woman's rights leader Susan B. Anthony, Civil War espionage agent Elizabeth Van Lew, fashion designer Coco Chanel, sculptor Louise Nevelson, social activist and peace advocate Jane Addams, or journalist Dorothy Thompson.  In one production, The Long Road to Victory, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and Carrie Chapman Catt take the stage to tell the story of the woman suffrage movement.   Historian, actor, lecturer, and State Humanities Councils' Chautauquan, Baldwin has been producing and recreating the lives of women in history since 1986 to libraries, colleges and universities, professional associations, community organizations, historical societies and museums across the U.S., including the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.  Whether your event is to take place in your home, a multi-purpose room or in an auditorium, you will find yourself immersed in our rich women's history.
Availability: National


Roberta Bassin 
PO Box 3724,
Granada Hills, CA 91394
Phone: 818-366-7288

Performance Description: Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words: It is 1937, Lae, New Guinea. Emmy-submitted actress, Roberta E Bassin, brings to life famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart as she is about to leave on the last leg of her round-the-world flight reflecting on her childhood, passion for flying and her flight for the rights of women, "A pilot is a pilot." The show culminates with an exciting audience Q and A for discussion. Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words has thrilled, delighted and inspired audiences at luncheons, museums, corporations, libraries, schools, conferences, playhouses, colleges, and benefits. "It is a must see."
Amelia Earhart's stepson George Putnam Jr. and his wife Marie, commented upon seeing Roberta’s performance "You can see your heart is in it. Amelia Earhart is a part of you." Elgin Long, consultant on the new Amelia Earhart film starring Hilary Swank added. “You are a wonderful actress. You really bring Amelia Earhart to life."

New Video: Amelia Earhart "live" on stage, written & performed by Roberta Bassin 

Watch an interview with Roberta Bassin about "Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words"

Availability: National, CA

Bernhardt on Broadway: The Musical
Carol Dunitz, Ph.D.
2132 Pauline Blvd., #208
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: office - 734.864.3244 mobile - 312.523.4774

Performance Description: ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ is an extraordinarily engaging, no holds
barred exposé about Sarah Bernhardt, the actress who overcame countless obstacles to become the most famous woman in the world. Bernhardt traveled the globe including nine extended tours of the United States from 1880 to 1917. She was the WORLD’S FIRST SUPERSTAR, the first performer to star in a full-length silent film and the first celebrity to endorse products. She almost single-handedly revolutionized the place of women in the theater.

This is a delightful show and educational treat that I highly recommend.
--Nancy Albery, President, Waterford MI, American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Through conversation and song we were welcomed into the fascinating, passionate and often
funny world of the Diva. Dunitz’ tour de force performance was vivacious and delightful.
--Tracey Atin, Executive Producer, Korda Artistic Productions, Windsor, ON CANADA


This one-woman musical exploration leaves us with great insight into the amazing Sarah
Bernhardt and the author, songwriter, singer and actor who channels her, Carol Dunitz.
--Laura Johnstone, Upstage: A Journal of Turn-of-the-Century Theatre

The play rings with authenticity of the period Sarah lived in and is very educational. Carol
delivers a stupendous performance. We really enjoyed the show!
--Fran Kirchoff, Past President, GFWC Intermediate Women's Club, Madison Heights, MI

‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ by Carol Dunitz captures the essential character of Sarah Bernhardt.
--David W. Menefee, Author, Sarah Bernhardt: Her Films, Her Recordings

We laughed, blushed and beyond that, learned about Sarah Bernhardt and her times. Everyone enjoyed the genuine humor, the authentic French accent and, of course, the DRAMA. We loved the songs.
--Denise Jones, Activity Director, All Seasons of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, MI

An entertaining and educational theatrical experience...a remarkable production.
--Paulette Medvecky, President, Wayne Business & Professional Women (BPW), Wayne, MI

Carol Dunitz' performance as Sarah Bernhardt is more than performance. It's as if the Great Sarah herself has stepped into Ms. Dunitz to live again on the stage!
--Lenore Howard, Artistic Director, Fly-By-Night Productions, Dubuque, IA

I learned a lot about her relationship with other artists, writers, and politicians of the period... enjoyed the songs. Great voice.
--Monique Tranchevent, Paris/Chicago Sister Cities Committee

Through intimate monologues, brilliantly performed songs and impeccable period dress, Carol brings Bernhardt to life—and invites the audience to come along for the ride. Bravo!
--Treena Flannery Ericson, Gallery Director, The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI

A truly enriching experience through which the audience is magically transported back in time to the 1890s. We all felt as though we had spent an evening in Sarah’s living room.
--Tamara Trudelle, Executive Director, Downriver Council for the Arts, Wyandotte, MI

The creative script was filled with expressions and stories that brought Bernhardt to life in an incredibly clear way.
--Kristine Swisher, Artistic Director, Holland Theatre, Bellefontaine OH

I felt like Madame Sarah was a close friend who was revealing secrets to me that she could not possibly share with anyone else. Carol draws the audience in and makes it hers.
--Allen Nichols, Manager, Maxim’s: City of Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs

Availability: National

Dr. Barbara Bernstein 
Dance In Time Productions

Bowie, MD
Phones: 301-9806043-cell 301-4646244-home
Performance Description:  Women Take The Lead! 
This fun, lively, and inspiring dance presentation is based on the principle of women's capability and innate equality.  The show is constructed around an all-women dance team (from which presents Latin dances with women playing both the leaders' and the followers' role.  In some cases, the ladies even switch roles so that someone who starts out leading ends up following and vice versa.   
Traditionally in partnership dancing, men lead the dance, deciding what moves to lead, how to initiate and style, them, etc.  Women simply acquiesce and follow whatever is led. In professional level dancing, the steps that leaders do can be quite complex and require a lot of practice and memory.  But all those challenges belong only to the leaders.   

However in this lively all-ladies Latin dance team, ladies step up to the plate and learn this material themselves, demonstrating that women can lead very capably, too! The phenomenon of women leading partnership dances reflects their changing role in society.  In the spirit of "art imitates life," DanceInTime brings you a presentation in which ladies embrace all the roles that are played by Latin dancers.  

And the audience members may want to bring their dancing shoes, as the program can be constructed to give them a chance to learn some dance steps if they wish!  (Women in the audience can be given the opportunity to learn the leader's steps, of course.)  The program is guaranteed to be both empowering and fun!!
Every time this show is done, it's uniquely designed to best suit each venue/audience.  The show would generally be constructed to include any or all of these components, according to what is desired: 

  1. Performance by two dancers. 
  2. Performance by a dance team.  (The performance can include having the audience guess which dancer is leading and which dancer is following!)
  3. Instruction for anyone in the audience who might like to try some moves.  
  4. Brief talk about the history of women's roles from antiquity to the present and how they have changed.  Talk can include discussion of how dance roles reflect societal norms, and the tradition-breaking work done by this dance group. 

Availability: National

Mary Jane Bradbury  
A View of the Past   
Phone: 303-722-8786  
Performance description: Living History Character Portrayals: Hear Jeanette Rankin, suffragist and lifelong pacifist, tell of her journey from grassroots reformer to first woman elected to Congress. Nancy Cooper Russell, the wife and business manager of western artist Charles M. Russell, shares her story of partnership, companionship and love against the backdrop of turn of the 20th century progress. Set yourself straight on the real story of political and social reformer Margaret “Molly” Brown, whose legacy reaches far beyond surviving the sinking of the Titanic! Journey to the Colorado frontier with Augusta Tabor, courageous pioneer, shrewd businesswoman and first wife of Silver Baron Horace Tabor. Explore the Rocky Mountains with 19th century naturalist and taxidermist Martha Maxwell, a pioneer in all respects, whose exhibit of the natural world enthralled visitors at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. From classrooms to boardrooms, Chautauqua scholar, actor and educator Mary Jane Bradbury brings history to life through compelling storytelling for audiences of all ages.

            “I wish I had had an applause meter when the performance concluded, for rarely have I heard such thunderous approval and yells of “bravo” from an audience.”  Director, Gallatin Historical Society

            “The combination of Ms. Bradbury’s persuasive theatrical skills and depth of research brought the story alive in an unparalleled way.”   Kim Kapalka, C. M. Russell Museum

            “She is such a powerful and professional presenter that we were all spellbound with her presentation.”  Elinore Grow, American Association of University Women

Visit for more information.

Availability: National

Elaine Bromka
Phone: 973-509-9665

Performance Description:
TEA FOR THREE: Lady BirdPat & Betty -Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford. The Off-Broadway hit starring Emmy Award-winning Elaine Bromka, this unforgettably vivid one-woman show offers a behind-the-scenes look at three former First Ladies. Critically acclaimed for its blend of wit, intimacy, and passion. Experience this journey of three women who suddenly found themselves celebrities -- in what Pat Nixon called “the hardest unpaid job in the world!

“Good stories…subtle…even silence is emotion-filled.” — The New York Times     

“Bromka wonderfully embodies the three women.”  — This Week in New York

 “Marvelous…poignant…the authors have humanized their subjects.” — The Star-Ledger      

“Brilliant!  Reaches across the aisles.”  — WomenArts     

“A fascinating evening...laced with insight, emotion and humor.”   — Times Herald-Record   

“6 out of 5 stars!”  — 

“Perfect.”    —  KDHX  


A TV (GirlsLaw & Order, Sex & the City, E.R., Sopranos and more), Broadway, Off-Broadway and film (the Uncle Buck mom) veteran, Bromka starred as eight of the First Ladies in The Presidents for PBS. Her “Acting on Camera” and “Making Your Monologue Hot!” workshops, which she has taught at over 100 colleges and high schools, are also available as part of a residency.  Extensive references, interviews, and residency information on website. Theaters, performing art centers, colleges, museums, clubs, fund raisers.  Over 100 venues have included the Smithsonian, the Cerritos Arts Center, the Long Arts Center, the Straz, and theaters and colleges nationwide. 

Availability: National

Linda Boyle
7448 N. Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645
Phone: 773-480-4637
Performance Description: A singer, songwriter, educator and cultural historian, Linda presents one hour performances as well as longer workshops and sessions for children and adults on women’s history. Her programs are musical narratives featuring well-researched stories and songs about the lives, struggles and contributions of women and girls. “Telling Women’s Lives,” “Chicago and Illinois Women in Song,” and “ We Must Have Bread and Peace,” are among her historical music programs. Her musical repertoire includes an extensive collection of songs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish and other languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Kiswahili and Yoruba. Her incorporation of research in labor and immigrant history, and peace and social justice is reflected in the enthusiastic reaction of her audiences. Programs and workshops are tailored to meet the needs and interests of each audience.

“Keep singing your soul as you do so exquisitely.” Ellen Rockne, singer, actress
Decorah, Iowa

"Linda has an absolutely beautiful voice! It was wonderful how she incorporated the stories of women from the Midwest region.”
(former) Mayor Carol Lombardi, Waukesha, WI

Linda has performed in schools, universities, museums, on television and radio, for unions and rallies, restaurants and clubs and countless women’s organizations and conferences. She has several music and literacy publications and CDs and a multilingual recording of songs: “Brave Songs/Cantos Bravos” to be available in 2009. “ She was the highlight of the conference…,” said elementary teacher Nancy Miller of Riverside, Illinois who attended Linda’s music and literacy session at the International Reading Association Conference, 2006.
To hear samples of Linda’s music, look her up at
Availability: National




Kate Campbell Stevenson
Women: Back to the Future

12122 David Dr.
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone 301-622-1588

Performance Description:  Educate, motivate and inspire your audience with stirring musical theater featurng real Can-Do Women who exceeded the expectations of their time. Each 50- minute show Women: Back to the Future or Petticoats in Politics includes clever onstage costume and makeup changes creating magical transitions between historical periods. 3-4 women featured per show; Selections include Abigail Adams - First Lady,  Sacagawea - Native American Guide,  Lucy Stone - 19th Century Suffragist,  Bessie Coleman - African American Pilot, Rachel Carson - Environmentalist- Award Winning Writer , Marian Anderson Singer/Humanitarian, Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady of the World/Humanitarian,  Louise Arner Boyd - Explorer who led SEVEN Arctic Expeditions!, Alice Paul - 20th Century Suffragist,  Rose Crabtree - member of The 1920 All Women Town Council of Jackson Hole, WY.  Juliette Low - Founder of Girls Scouts, Betty Ford - First Lady, founder of Betty Ford Center, drug and alcohol treatment Kate’s newest show Petticoats in Politics educates audiences to a vital yet neglected era of American history. Petticoats in Politics.

Each woman portrayed in the context of her time with song, monologue, poetry, and movement.  Optional Q&A after performance. The closing song includes American Sign Language.  Shows are adapted to each audience.  Excellent for schools K-12, College and University, Government, Military, Conferences, Conventions, Women and Civic Groups. Tours nationwide. 

In Forging Frontiers, Kate brings to life historic American women STEM leaders and highlights diverse contemporary STEM role models. Meet Rachel Carson - marine biologist, writer and environmentalist; and Louise A. Boyd who led SEVEN Arctic expeditions in the 1920's and 1930's!

Forging Frontiers helps break through cultural biases, highlights inspiring STEM role models and encourages participants to further explore STEM classes and career options.  "If you see it-you can be it!". Program adapts for audiences 8 years to adults.

Availability: National

Jane Curry
5048 37th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: 612-729-6457
Performance Description: Since 1984, I've been traveling nationally to colleges and universities, high schools, museums, libraries, performing arts stages, conferences, government agencies, festivals and the like with what has become a repertoire of five one-woman shows that use women's history and humor to educate, entertain, and address themes of gender equity. Samantha "Rastles" the Woman Question: 19th-century farm wife and rustic philosopher/wit. Just Say Know: Educating Females for the 21st Century - a satire about formal education for women. Nice Girls Don't Sweat: women and sports. Miz Wizard's Science Secrets: women and math/science/invention. Sisters of the Quill and Skillet: women's domestic lives and the domestic humorists' response to gendered expectations of the home. See website for descriptions, places performed, and reviews.

"Whenever he sees me feelin' so dubersome about not havin' the suffrage, Josiah nearly always tries to comfort me.  He's forever sayin', 'Samantha, you've got to remember always that I vote as your representative.  I can't begin to tell you how much comfort I derive from that declaration." 

"At the original Olympics, women weren't allowed on the sacred playing grounds as participants or even as spectators--upon penalty of death. I can see where that would tend to dampen my enthusiasm."
(Sammy Kay in Nice Girls Don't Sweat)

Availability: National




The Feminine Musique
The Feminine Musique specializes in performing the vocal repertoire written by the wives, sisters, daughters, and lovers of some of the world's most famous composers... as well as some written by women who were not related to any of those guys!   We offer a treasure trove of repertoire to explore along with our audience and think you will be surprised and delighted to find that there is indeed GREAT music written by the other 50% of humanity.  Excellent for:   Theaters, Concert Series, Arts Centers, Colleges and Universities, Museums, Conferences, Fundraisers, Women’s Organizations and Clubs.  Both Recitals and Lecture Recitals are available with biographical and historical information, readings, letter quotations, and other pertinent facts about the composers’ lives. Q & A following the presentation if so desired.  The Feminine Musique has appeared in Recital throughout the United States and in Lecture Recital at the International Conference for the Arts and  Humanities in Hawaii.  Donna Balson and Tammy Hensrud have performed in opera, concert and cabaret throughout Europe and the United States, as well as in China, Japan, Africa, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia.  Credits include the Metropolitan Opera New York, the Vienna State Opera, Stuttgart Opera, Frankfurt Opera, New York City Opera, Spoleto Festival, Festival of Sydney and Opera Australia.  Their combined skills as musicians and performers bring sophisticated versatility to The Feminine Musique. 

“ Donna Balson and Tammy Hensrud, employed their beautiful voices to perform a program full of wit, charm and musical knowledge. The audience greatly enjoyed the interactive quality of the evening and left asking for more.' 

Robert Spiotto - Artistic Director, Astman International Concert Series

'Thank you so much for your beautiful and enlightening performance yesterday. I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews from all who attended.' 

Chris Harman - Activities Director, Meadow Lakes, New Jersey. 

Composers include: Alison Bauld, Amy Beach, Lili Boulanger, Nadia Boulanger, Francesca Caccini, Anne Boleyn, Maria von Paradies, Cecile Chaminade, Rebecca Clarke, Isabella Colbran, Lori Laitman, Libby Larsen, Alma Mahler, Maria Malibran, Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn, Thea Musgrave, Clara Schumann, and Pauline Viardot
Availability:  Nationally 


Susan Marie Frontczak, Storysmith®
Performance Description:Frontczak’s in depth living history presentations have been praised by audiences in 24 of the United States, and across Canada and Europe. Witness the compassion, the humor, the angst, and the wit of Eleanor Roosevelt in one of three programs. Discover the lure of science from Marie Curie. Inspire your imagination with Mary Shelley. Or span a world from stardom on the dance floor to the trenches of working for animal rights with Irene Castle.

"This is My Story

Eleanor Roosevelt during the Great Depression Hear Mrs. R’s views on how you can make a difference in the midst of a strife-filled world — views at least as relevant today as they were seventy-five years ago.

What We Are Fighting For"
Eleanor Roosevelt during World War II

Find out how the First Lady feels about the individual’s role in a world torn by war, hardship, and uncertainty.  Learn how one can stay true to one’s ideals when surrounded by tumult.

"Hammering Out Human Rights"
Eleanor Roosevelt at the United Nations

Learn of the ground-breaking, grueling, tempestuous, and eventually triumphant development of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a Magna Carta for humankind. Find out how important Human Rights are to your life, and to the potential longevity of the United States.

A Visit with Marie Curie

Likely the most famous woman scientist, Marie Curie— changed the world in which we live through her discovery of radium and radioactivity. The Curies discovered the first successful radiation treatments of cancer. Simply through her own passion and perseverance Marie Curie opened the doors of science to women world wide.  This is a life that challenges our assumptions about what one person can achieve and the responsibilities of science.

"Mary Shelley Speaks" 
Author of Frankenstein

A writer’s writer, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851) illustrates how to build the flesh of the imagination onto a body of personal experience.  Teen-age mother, behind-the-scenes supporter of social reform, romantic, and scholar, Mary may be best known as the author of Frankenstein, but there is much more to be learned about her, both personally and psychologically. 

"Meet Irene"
The entrepreneurial audacity and artistic flair of Vernon and Irene Castle met the new, uniquely American, syncopated or ragged–rhythmed music (aka “Ragtime”) to fuel a dance craze explosion that swept across America. Their brief, incandescent career strewed numerous legacies in its wake: world fascination with American music, bobbed hair, challenges to the color barrier, and an animal rights altruism born of a heartless side of vaudeville.

One-hour programs include a 40-min monologue in-character, a Q&A with the historical figure and a Q&A with the scholar/presenter.  Two-hour programs available for Curie and Roosevelt.

Availability: Nationally


Judith Helton
Americana Unlimited
7100 Colbath Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91405-3303
Phone: 818-785-6104
Performance Description: If you could meet Abigail Adams, what would you ask her? You get your chance through this unique program, which is both scripted and improvisational. Abigail Adams: Revolutionary Woman has delighted thousands of adult and school audiences since 1976. Also available: Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House books, telling the stories of her childhood on the prairie. Plus, Lotta Crabtree, child performer of the California gold rush, featuring the music of that era. Judith Helton received a Lifetime Achievement Award from PASA (Professional Artists in Schools Awards) in 1996.
Availability: National


Joy Jones
1031 Michigan Ave NE #205, Washington, DC 20017-1858
Phone: 202-832-2368
Performance Description: She's Not In Your History Book - A lecture on accomplished African and African American women from antiquity to contemporary times. This lecture focuses on historically noteworthy women who are seldom acknowledged for their achievements. Performance poetry is also a key feature of this presentation. Among the women I feature are: Queen Hatshepsut, Egyptian pharaoh; Dorothy Dandridge, actress; and Ellen Craft, who along with her husband William Craft, staged a stunning escape out of slavery. Is There A Griot in the House? - A story hour for grown-ups. Listen to storytelling based on family histories of life "down-home" and in the big city. Also included is a short talk on how to develop an oral or written record of our own family's history.
Availability: National


Pat Jordan
1093 Radnor Rd., Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: 610-688-5842 Fax: 610-688-8548
Email: or
Performance Description: History Alive! Life Stories of Famous American Women.

Amelia Earhart: Fearless Aviator & Advocate for Women’s Rights. Critically-Acclaimed!
Clara Barton: Teacher, Civil War Nurse & American Red Cross Founder.
Louisa May Alcott: Writer of Little Women, Abolitionist & Suffragette.
Dorothea Dix: Advocate for the Mentally Handicapped & Head of Civil War Nurses.
Mary Todd Lincoln: Star-Crossed American Belle.
Martha Washington: America’s First First Lady.
Three Liberty Belles: Martha Washington, Betsy Ross & Indentured Servant Sarah Gibbons talk about the War for Independence.

Nationally-recognized one-woman presentations include: National Portrait Gallery, White House Visitors’ Center, NJ Humanities Council sites, U. S. Navy, Colonial Dames of America, University of Pennsylvania, and scores of schools, universities, retirement centers, libraries, historical societies, businesses, conferences and fund-raisers.

Availability: National


Kate Kelly
Los Angeles, CA
Performance Description: From the Window Shield Wiper to Scotchgard: Stories of Ingenious American Women Inventors Who invented the window shield wiper, Scotchgard, the dishwasher and disposable diapers?
Kate Kelly tells the stories behind the female inventors of everyday things. Audiences meet a multi-cultural group of women and gain a sense of how creative people develop better ways to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Kelly knows the stories behind the first bra, the disposable diaper, the fold-away bed, the automatic hair-curling device, the dishwasher, and the first pioneer to implement a plan for selling via house party.

When it comes to medicine, everything from advanced cataract surgery to the first newborn scoring system (the Apgar Score) traces back to a woman. A woman was also in the forefront of training the very first seeing eye dogs ever used in this country---a life-changing event for those who couldn’t see.

Audiences will be educated, entertained, and enlightened by Kate’s engaging talk.

Availability: Nationally


Meg Kelly
Phone: 410-203-9231
Performance Description: The Ladies Make History are one woman presentations about historical characters who fought for equal rights, championed the under-privileged, and worked for the survival of their country. Meet Elizabeth Van Lew: Citizen Spy in 1872. She will share her accomplishments as the Postmaster of Richmond, VA as well as her experiences during the Civil War. A strong Unionist and abolitionist, Miss Van Lew worked quietly with the Union Army in hopes of reuniting her beloved country.

Nellie Bly: Journalist with a Heart has just returned from Europe at the end of WWI. In a newspaper career that spanned 30 years, Miss Bly inspired laws to protect the mentally ill, traveled across the world and broke both gender and journalistic barriers. Her career began and ended with columns that pushed for social change.

Each character has been carefully researched and the information shared is historically accurate. The presentations last about 45 minutes and can be followed by Q & A sessions both in character and out. The ladies are quite comfortable in museums, libraries, conference rooms, or on stage.  

Meg has been performing various versions of these characters for more than 10 years. She has brought the ladies to schools, museums, libraries, government agencies, senior citizen centers, and a variety of private organizations. Meg has worked professionally as an actor for over 25 years and is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Theatre Arts at Towson University.

Availability: Nationally


Judy Gail Krasnow
Judy Gail Performances
100 Armory Court # 107
Jackson, Michigan 49202
Phone: 517-795-2112
Cell: 305-336-1403

Performance Description: Judy Gail Krasnow portrays a variety of women who have left their marks upon history. Her portrayal of Carry A. Nation, hatchet-wielding Temperance activist stirred audiences during the Oklahoma Chautauqua into shouting “Amens” and “Hallelujahs!” As Mother Nation she has inspired high school students to see the problems of the Temperance Era in their present era of drug, as well as alcohol abuse. In sharp contrast to flamboyant Carry Nation, Judy portrays the more restrained yet equally effective Rachel Carson, mother of the environmental movement and author of the world-shaking book, “Silent Spring.” This portrayal conveys the sense of wonder Rachel Carson felt about life and the importance of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Judy’s other portrayals include Civil War Union soldier and spy, Sarah Emma Edmonds -- alias Private Franklin Thompson. Having lived in Florida for many years, she presents the lives of pioneers Mary Barr Munroe, founder of Everglades National Park; Ivy Stranahan, “Little White Mother” to the Seminoles; and Mary Lily Kenan Flagler, wife of Henry Flagler, builder of Florida. A singer/songwriter, Judy also presents programs in story and song such as “Women in Labor,” with tales and tunes about the likes of Mother Jones and Clara Lemlich and “Women of Valor: Pioneers to Astronauts.” She adapts her programs to suit all ages from students to seniors.

Judy is the author of several books. Her latest, “Rudolph, Frosty, And Captain Kangaroo,” is an engaging memoir about her childhood growing up in the studios of Columbia records where her father, Hecky Krasnow, produced such classics as “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty The Snowman,” and the beloved Captain Kangaroo. Judy lives in Michigan’s First State Prison in Jackson (1838- 1934), now Armory Arts Village, a resident artists’ community. Here she gives historic guided tours and tells the stories of colorful former inmates, including those of women incarcerated in order to clean the cells for the men while the latter worked in the bustling factories during the height of the Industrial Revolution.
Availability: National

Robin Lane
66 Charles Street, PMB #112, Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 800-881-0349
Performance Description: Actor Robin Lanes' remarkable portrayals of notable women have won her critical acclaim for over a decade. A trailblazer in the arena of the one-person show, Robin Lane dramatizes the lives of women from history and the arts, in venues both large and small, throughout the United States and in Europe. In Ladies First, Lane portrays first ladies Abigail Adams, Rachel Jackson, Julia Tyler, Mary Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy. Art collector Isabella Stewart Gardner is presented in Queen of Back Bay, and painters Artemisia Gentileschi, Mary Cassatt, Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe in Artful Lives. Travels throughout the US.
Availability: National


Michele LaRue (AEA, SAG-AFTRA; Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society, SSAWW, SSASS, C19, American Culture Association)
281 Lincoln Ave., Secaucus, NJ 07094 (I also reside part-time in the Chicago.)
Phone: 201-863-6436
Websites: Listed on;; … among others.

Performance Description: A perfect fit for NWHP’s 2015 theme, "Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives." My repertoire of Tales Well Told brings to life literature by and about women of America’s Gilded Age.ŸEnthusiastic presenters range from colleges and universities, to woman’s clubs and professional organizations, to libraries and historical societies, to corporations and the military. (Schools: recommended for grades 7 – 12 with preparation.) ŸMore than 350 sponsors include Chicago’s Newberry Library, DC’s National Portrait Gallery, NYC’s Womenkind festivals, and international conferences of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society, the American Quilter’s Society, and the Popular/American Culture associations.

  • Someone Must Wash the Dishes: An Anti-Suffrage Satire. Many women fought against the Vote, but none with more charm, prettier clothes—and less logic—than the fictional speaker in this 1912 satire by pro-suffragist Marie Jenney Howe. Period costume. Lecture and optional talk-back.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “Side-splitting”; “outstanding”; “wicked.”

  • Tales in Concert. “Vivid performances for small budgets and big imaginations.” Vintage American short stories in oral interpretation style. Three dozen selections include Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s The Bedquilt, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s The Revolt of Mother, Kate Chopin’s A Pair of Silk Stockings, Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever, Edna Ferber’s Representing T.A. Buck, and Elsie Singmaster’s Gettysburg: One Woman’s War. Choose a Tale or two, to suit your audience and event.


Reviews (attributions/references on request): “It’s difficult to find the words to describe the wonder of what you do”; “What you have to offer is priceless.”

  • Eve’s Diary. Gayle Stahlhuth’s remarkable adaptation of stories by Mark Twain. Flinging anachronisms every which-way, Twain created a captivating First Woman who embodied all the contradictions of his time and ours. Through Eve’s eyes, we discover Eden, the unknown world beyond, a passion for learning . . . and the depth and complexity of love.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “An actor’s tour de force.” “LaRue brings Twain’s Eve radiantly to life.”

  • The Yellow Wallpaper. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s feminist indictment of 19th-century science and logic—one of the finest horror stories ever penned (1892). Two versions: Fully staged—with period costume, recorded Victorian music and sound effects. OR performed in oral interpretation style. Optional talk-back.

Reviews (attributions/references on request): “Extraordinary, haunting”; “incredible”;   “moving and anguished portrayal”; “LaRue is as close to perfect as possible.”

Availability: National 


Bonda Lewis
Performances Off the Shelf
PO Box 33094, Los Gatos, CA 95031-3094
Phone: 408-551-0474
Performance Description: Warriors Who Changed the World is series of shows exploring the lives of extraordinary women. The writer-activists are Louisa May Alcott, Isabella Bird, Amelia Jenks Bloomer and Sara Bard Field. Or treat your group to The Powder Keg, a trip through the exciting, unpredictable history of the heroic women who between 1811 and 1949 went from being camp followers to positions as commissioned officers, while nursing the armed forces. These professional, beautifully mounted one-person shows are a wonderful way to show audiences the courage, laughter and political realities of matchless heroes.
Availability: National 


Bonda Lewis
Performances Off the Shelf
PO Box 33094, Los Gatos, CA 95031-3094
Phone: 408-551-0474
Performance Description: Warriors Who Changed the World is series of shows exploring the lives of extraordinary women. The writer-activists are Louisa May Alcott, Isabella Bird, Amelia Jenks Bloomer and Sara Bard Field. Or treat your group to The Powder Keg, a trip through the exciting, unpredictable history of the heroic women who between 1811 and 1949 went from being camp followers to positions as commissioned officers, while nursing the armed forces. These professional, beautifully mounted one-person shows are a wonderful way to show audiences the courage, laughter and political realities of matchless heroes.
Availability: National 


Looking for Lilith Theatre Company
312 Crescent Court, Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: 502-638-2559, 347-228-6438
Performance Descriptions: We are an ensemble women's theatre company creating our own original work based on women's history and women's experiences. Please go to our website for info on our many shows - almost all are available for touring! Present touring shows include:

  • Fabric, Flames and Fervor: Girls of the Triangle
    "Amazing, beautiful, heart-wrenching, stirring, motivating, awesome and timely." This touching 6 person play is based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, the women’s lives that were lost and the labor rights movement of that time period that was further galvanized by this tragedy.
  • What My Hands Have Touched
    “Moving, excellent, inspiring, important, thought-provoking, educational, brilliant.” A dynamic ensemble of 3 perform the compelling stories of myriad roles women played in the U.S. during World War II: factory workers, army nurses, pilots, USO performers and homemakers. “The stories are so engrossing. . . told with tremendous dignity and depth.”
  • Women Speak: IRAQ
    Fantastic, riveting, powerful, balanced, amazing, incredible and brilliant.” This one woman show based on interviews with over 40 women with some connection to the most recent in Iraq, including U.S. Servicewomen, peace activists, blue star mothers and Iraqi women, explores women’s history in the making.
  • Strangers/Extranjeras
    "Heartwarming, humorous, unique, eye-opening, phenomenal, authentic, and a gift to the audience." This bilingual 2 person play tells the story of friendship between two very different young women, an optimistic U.S. volunteer and her generous Mayan host-mother in Guatemala.
  • Educational Outreach
    Q&A discussion are available after all performances. Also, a wide variety of residencies are available with our artists, who have over 90 years combined experience doing educational and community outreach with ages 3-93. These residencies can be connected to a performance or stand alone. One exciting possibility we offer is to work with your community to help them create their own performance based on themes of interest to them.

Availability: National



The Latina Influence in American Society

Based in: San Diego, CA
Performer Description: The Latina Influence in American Society.
Compiling and writing The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength and Success was a life-changing experience for award-winning journalist Sylvia Mendoza. Writing hundreds of profiles and feature stories covering human interest, diversity, literacy, women’s empowerment, education and social justice was always her passion—but the book brought her passion full circle. It became the project of her heart. And writing it changed her life.

The women Sylvia researched for The Book of Latina Women had courage that strengthened her, vision that inspired her, and passion that engulfed her. To share their stories with people from all walks of life, especially students and women, is a joy, an honor—and a mission. There is a need to acknowledge these Latinas (and so many others!) and celebrate their accomplishments in order to break stereotypes, bridge societal gaps, and establish a mutual respect so that each individual can be seen as a potential center of influence.

These Latinas serve as examples—that each of us has the power to make a positive mark in this world.

Sylvia’s other lecture topics include:

  1. A Woman’s Power to Effect Change—Locally, Nationally, Globally
  2. Every Woman has a Story to Tell
  3. Writing to Change the World (One Journalist’s Point of View)

The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength & Success was selected for the 2007 California Collection for High Schools by the California Readers’ Association. Sylvia has presented at C-Span Book TV, The L.A. Times Festival of Books, Book Expo AmericaSouthern California Writers’ Conference and Latino Book & Family Festival.

Sylvia earned her M.A. in Digital Journalism from National University, her B.A. in Print Journalism from the University of Southern California, and certification in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University. A journalist, author, teacher, and editor, Sylvia continues to adamantly believe in the power of the written word, that every person has a story to tell—and that these stories need to be shared.

Availability: National


Penny Musco
173 Willowdale Avenue
Montclair NJ  07042-4335
Phone: (973) 783-0387

Performance Description:
“You took us to another place and time with  this powerful story. I would strongly recommend STEAL AWAY to libraries,  schools and other organizations looking for an entertaining, informative and  moving program!”
Carol Anderson, Teaneck, New Jersey  librarian

STEAL  AWAY is a one-woman show about a little-known migration of African  Americans, first written and performed as part of the National Park Service’s  Artist-in-Residence program.
Set in 1880, STEAL AWAY tells  the story of Priscilla, a white homesteader who meets Abigail, a former slave  who fled the South after the end of Reconstruction.
STEAL  AWAY weaves together historical accounts of those who sought free land by  taking advantage of The Homestead Act of 1862, and the significant but  nearly forgotten movement of an estimated 20,000-40,000 blacks who headed  elsewhere when the last of the federal troops were removed from the South.  These African Americans called themselves Exodusters, likening their  flight to the Biblical exodus of Moses and his fellow slaves out of  Egypt.
The show’s title comes from the Negro spiritual of the  same name. This song not only refers to “stealing away” home to heaven after  death, but also could telegraph a slave’s intention to  escape.
STEAL AWAY has been performed at libraries,  colleges, senior living communities and civic associations in several states  (read past reviews here There are two simple set pieces, with props, music, costume, press release,  publicity poster, and program (which includes a bibliography) provided. The  hour-long show is followed by a question-and-answer session with the  audience.
2012 is the 150th anniversary of The Homestead Act,  and the perfect year to schedule STEAL AWAY. The show also fits well with  celebrations around Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (third Monday in  January), and during Black and Women’s History Months (February and March).  

Penny is freelance writer with a B.A. in Theatre, and worked in  radio for many years.

Please go to, for  more information, and to view two short clips from the  show.
Availability: National  


Rita Parisi (SAG,AFTRA)
43 Merrimac Street
Amesbury, MA 01913
Phone: 978-430-1357
Performance Description:

Watch a video clip of I, Zelda

I, Zelda Musings from the First American Flapper:

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, now widowed from F. Scott Fitzgerald, finds herself sifting through the remnants of her life in the attic of her mother’s home in Montgomery Alabama. Each relic she touches brings back haunting memories and people from her past revealing to the audience the real woman behind the legend of “The First American Flapper”.

70 minute one-woman play with set, lights, props and costumes.

More info about Teas in Time

Teas in Time: Meet Mrs. Gordon, a fictional middle-class housewife from 1908 at one of her afternoon teas. She will regale you with humorous stories about her life and times during this interactive show. Several Teas in Times are available for different seasons:

  • 1908 Tea
  • Courtship Tea
  • Summertime Tea
  • All Hallows Eve Tea
  • Edwardian Christmas Tea.

Duration: 60-90 minutes with simple set and props

More Info

Gothic Victorian Tales by Candlelight: Features a trio of weird tales from the 19 th century New England writer, Sarah Orne Jewett. This is not a reading but a theatrical storytelling presentation where the stories are acted out using the original words of the author.

Duration: 45-50 minutes with simple stage lighting, set, props and 10 minute talkback afterwards.

Rita Parisi has toured all over New England and recently in New Jersey. She has performed for senior centers, libraries, historical societies, museums, women’s groups, tea houses and in private homes. Her shows can be adapted to your space, and particular event needs. Block bookings encouraged. Just give her a call: 978-430-1357 or e-mail her:

Availability: National


Anne Pasquale
Living History
120 Cabrini Blvd, New York, NY 10033
Phone: 212-740-6201
Performance description: Anne Pasquale's Living History Programs. Offers participational Women's History Programs for audiences of all ages. This year's show roster includes:
The Legendary Lady of The Overland, Calamity Jane
America's First Female Reporter, Nellie Bly
The Revolutionary, Deborah Sampson
Helen and Me, the Story of Annie Sullivan Macy and Helen Keller
Liberty Belles, Stories and Songs of Immigration
A free 45 minute walk-about is offered with every assembly. Or with any of our shows you can follow up with a 5-day residency ending in a final primary source presentation created and performed by all participants.
Live music, join-in re-enactments and historical fun, highlight every presentation.
The performers are body-miked and can accommodate audiences up to 500 in number.
Fees prior to travel are: $500.00 for a single program and $700.00 for two performances back to back.
Availability: National


Miriam Reed
One-Woman POWEFUL Women Productions
1320 Prospect Street
Ashland, Oregon  97520
Phone: 917 710-2354
Performance Description: Miriam Reed's dramatic performances have as
their text the letters and writings of the women she portrays, and in this way
she captures the very essence of these powerful women. Performances are for
eighth grade and above.

"Margaret Sanger: Radiant Rebel" comprises two acts, "1940" and "1916,"
and is a forty- or a ninety-minute show.

"Mrs. Stanton & Susan" is the story of the friendship between Elizabeth
Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and is a ninety-minute or two forty-minute

"Louisa May Alcottt: Living Little Women" explores the life of the
author of "Little Women" and is a forty-minute performance.

Fees start at $500 plus expenses but can be negotiated if additional
performances are given in the area.
Availability: National


Lynn Ruehlmann
621 New Hampshire Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23508
Performance Description:

Taking on different entertaining, energetic characters in telling each story, Lynn transports listeners back in history. 

Winning Women
This show is two separate stories about fascinating women who have paved our way in surprising ways.  The first is "Three Lenses on Dorothea Lange,"  the true story of the woman who photographed Migrant Mother in the Great Depression.  Lynn tells the tale in the voices of three women who knew Lange.  The second story, "Hanging on to Fannie Farmer's Apron Strings," weaves together  humorous, resonant tales about mothers, aprons and Fannie Farmer. 

Spy! The Story of Civil War Spy Elizabeth Van Lew This show is about a Virginian who was such a passionate abolitionist that she fell into spying for the Union during the Civil War, even though she lived in the Confederate Capitol.  The CD of “Spy!” won two national awards. 

Steadfast and Spirited: Stories of the American Revolution reenacts Deborah Sampson (a female Patriot soldier in the war), Peggy Shippen Arnold (Benedict Arnold's Loyalist wife), and Phillis Wheatley (slave turned published poetess). 

"It Happened in the White House"
Why is Virginia known as The Mother of Presidents?   Because eight United States Presidents came from Virginia.  This show covers much of the history of America through human interest stories of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Wilson, and of the wives who shared and influenced their political and private lives.   The CD of "It Happened in the White House" won two national awards.

Availability: National  

Bobbe Schafer
PO Box 17
Powell Butte, OR 97753
Phone: 541-923-1854
Performance Description: Aprons: Memories from the Past. If we listen to the stories that aprons tell, we can learn about women’s historical roles, fashion trends and twentieth century America culture. Using her collection of historical aprons and slides of vintage apron styles, Bobbe will share stories of women and their aprons. Bobbe has been delighting audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Availability: National

Kathleen Shimeta, Singer/Actor
Life! Love! Song! A Visit with Gena Branscombe

44 West 96th Street,  Apt.4C
New York, NY  10025

Performance Description: A tribute to an inspiring composer whose life and work were well in advance of her time, this one-woman show retrospective of Canadian/American composer Gena Branscombe’s life showcases the romantic beauty of her exceptional music.

Miss Branscombe’s life was filled with family and music. Over a century ago, she was a working mother with four daughters who became a renowned composer and conductor with the help of her dedicated husband.  Gena was an integral part of the New York City music scene during her lifetime and was the founder and conductor of her own women’s chorus, the Branscombe Choral.  Remembrances of her personal story told in the first person are filled with humor, tragedy, music honors and performances for Kings and Presidents all intertwined with 15 of her beautifully melodic songs.  This is an evening of entertainment, enchantment and inspiration!

Kathleen Shimeta and Martin Hennessy were superb and quite unique in their presentation of Life! Love! Song!  A Visit with Gena Branscombe.  It was a well researched and very thorough performance of the life of this overlooked and talented Canadian woman composer ! Truly Gena-rific!  
Robert Spiotto, Artistic Director, CommunityArts Programs
Executive Producer, Hofstra University Entertainment

“Captivating" was the term audience members used most often to describe Kathleen's wonderful portrayal of Miss Branscombe and Martin Hennessy's piano accompaniment. The show was a joy to watch as well as being very easy and rewarding to produce.  William Wickham - Founder and Director - Cantata Singers of Elmira – Festival of Women in the Arts

The interpretation of the music by Kathleen Shimeta accompanied by Martin Hennessy was pleasing and captivating at the same time, with the audience  responding warmly and enthusiastically.  It was truly an emotional and heart-warming experience for all of us.  I hope many people will become aware of this marvelous treasure of Gena's music in the very near future.   Elizabeth Leif – Producer, Quincy, MA

Availability: National  


Amy Simon - SHE'S HISTORY! The Most Dangerous Women In America, Then And Now...
151 1/2 North La Peer Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Phone: (310) 308-0947

Performance Description: Click here for three minutes of SHE’S HISTORY!
She’s History Three Minute Trailer
Why Do We Know More About Lindsay Lohan Than Abigail Adams?

When her ten-year-old daughter came home from school one March stating she was planning on doing her women’s history project on Cher, Writer/Performer/Cultural Herstorian Amy Simon knew something needed to be done.Using a small suitcase of props and costumes, a computer and a projector, and drawing on diaries, letters, publications, and biographies, She’s History! brings to life the true tales of fabulous females, then and now. Combining theater, history, music, multimedia, audience interaction, and good old-fashioned story telling, our modern mom poignantly and comically finds the funny as she chronicles the struggles and accomplishments of our unheralded, unknown and forgotten heroines.Watch Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony multitask – just like today’s mom - running the house, fixing dinner and corralling the kids, all while working on the Fourteenth Amendment.  See and hear about our first feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft, Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President and watch Nancy Pelosi’s acceptance speech as First Female Speaker Of The House.  Listen, as Frances Wright becomes the first woman to speak in public to “promiscuous” audiences. Learn about bloomers, suffrage, maternal profiling, and the road to Seneca Falls, abolition and more! It’s all there in an engaging and moving GALA-PALOOZA honoring Female America. The show is family friendly, anywhere from fifty to seventy-five minutes long and can be performed in a room or on a stage. Fees start at $500.00


Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm, Abigail Adams Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, The Grimke Sisters, Julia Ward Howe, Nancy Pelosi, Pat Schroeder, Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Katie Couric, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betsy Ross, Sally Hemmings, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, Lucretia Mott, Anne Hutchinson, Mary Dyer, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Fuller, Dolley Madison, Annie Oakley, Alice Paul, The Pankhursts, Betsy Ross, Mrs. Banks, Lilly Ledbetter, Sojourner Truth, Frances Wright and Victoria Woodhull

She’s History! is also a curriculum related Interactive Middle School Program consisting of a fun short audio/visual  presentation followed by a scripted and improvised re-enactment performed by student volunteers with Amy narrating and directing.  See website for details.

Amy Simon is an actress, playwright, improviser, published writer, producer, mother, and self-proclaimed Cultural Herstorian.  She has been acting in and producing theater for over fifteen years. Her play Cheerios in My Underwear (And Other True Tales of Motherhood) holds the record as the longest running solo show in Los Angeles. Amy writes, blogs, performs and entertains on the radio, online, and onstage. SHE’S HISTORY! is fiscally sponsored by the Women’s Museum of California ( For a full bio click here


Amy Simon is brilliant - one of the best shows I have seen. This was absolutely terrific and important for all girls and boys to see! Thank you, thank you! So wonderful… looking forward to future installments. This is important work.

Everyone should see this fantastic history lesson. Amy is bright, spontaneous, funny and right on. I want to bring everyone I know for her next showing.

One of the best shows I have seen. Everyone needs to experience this theatre presentation of our "History of Women" who did so much for the present day woman!

Great job Amy! Good attention to facts, great weaving of ideas, convincing acting = a moving performance!

Thank you for the enlightening show – better than 20+ years of school.

Thanks Amy – You pulled it off! Great work!Ellen Dubois, Renowned Women's History Author and UCLA History Professor

Thanks so much! For HerstoryYou have brought the courage and brilliance of our fore sisters alive…”Martha Wheelock - Ishtar Films and Harvard Westlake Women's History Professor

Great show Amy – informative, engaging, inspiring!Paula J. Caplan, Harvard University  

Thank you for an entertaining and informative romp through women’s history. We enjoyed it a great deal!!Catherine Atwell, Dept. Of History, Marlborough School

Availability: National


Betty Slater
Pasadena, CA

Performance Description:Ms. Betty Slater is a playwright, director, poet and actress.  Her passion is to teach and reach souls through the performing arts. 

She writes and performs monologues of historic black women and women of the bible which include: Harriet Tubman, Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mary; the Mother of Jesus, Bessie Coleman, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and Mary Magdalene. Betty brings each woman’s history to life with costumes, props, and humor. Her presentation will tie in your organizations theme, values, and or mission statement.  The performances are available for libraries, schools, corporations, universities, civic, and religious groups. They are especially appropriate for women’s meetings, Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebrations in January, Black History Month in February, National Women’s History Month in March; and any time you need a unique presentation to support your individual program. 

Betty has the honor of working with Pastor Danny Wooten and Quiet Fire Productions as the co-director of the life-changing gospel stage play Midnight Cry; where she had the opportunity to direct and perform at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

If you’d like her to create a specialized program for your event, please inquire about it when you contact her.

Availability: National

Ellen Emory Snortland
2450 N. Lake Ave. #112, Altadena, CA  91001
Phone: 626-798-8421
Performance Description: "Now That She's Gone"
Gloria Steinem says, “Ellen says I’m the “grandmother” of this play, but I’m not crazy enough to think that it was my planting of a seed when in fact it is her enormous talent… She has a gift for being serious and funny, making you laugh and understand at the same time. The first time I saw it, I brought two friends who were visiting New York City from Kenya — a mother and a daughter — to see it, and they loved it too; it’s universal.”

"Now That She's Gone" is a one woman play (performed either as a staged reading or theater production) that explores Ellen Snortland's often wacky, irreverent and sometimes torturous relationship with her Norwegian-American mother. "Now That She's Gone" has been described as a Lily Tomlin / Garrison Keillor / Eve Ensler hybrid… passionate, poignant and funny in turns. A memoir piece with the woman's movement, Eleanor Roosevelt, sex, drugs and lutefisk, the play and performance have received rave reviews and standing ovations in California, New York, and Washington, D.C. Snortland’s singing voice is amazing too.
Availability: National and International


Pippa White
2240 Lake St.
Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone: 402-477-6914

Performance Descriptions: Pippa's one-woman shows have been touring nationally since 1995. She has performed in 30 states, at universities, conferences, museums and performing arts centers.  Into Possession of Myself features Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, and Dorothea Dix.  Angels and Troublemakers introduces audiences to Jane Addams, Nellie Bly, Mother Jones and the wild Carry Nation.  Not all Pippa's history shows revolve around famous women.  Consider Voices from Ellis Island, Voices from the Resistance, The Story of the Orphan Train,  Woman's Work, and Saints, Soldiers and Spies, Women and War. Pippa even has a 2-person musical about songwriter Dorothy Fields.

Availability: National

Barbara Joan Zeitz, M.A.
Chicago, IL
Phone: 630.802.9723

Performance Descriptions: Barbara Zeitz, MA, is a women’s historian/gender equity analyst/author with a master’s in women’s studies/law. A former Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar Speaker, she writes a monthly online column, CountHerhistory, now in its eleventh year at In 2007, she produced a booklet to celebrate the first annual Jane Addams Day in Illinois. It honors Addams, the women of Hull House. 


A Thesaurus of Women From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones, Barbara’s first book published in 2012, is an anthology of her online columns. It unmaskes women, not well known, and their accomplishments, all well known. Her-Histories promise to surprise, amaze, inform, educate, delight and never disappoint. As one reader wrote: “Your book is so stunning, sad, hopeful and fascinating. You’ve pulled together quite a group of women.” Barbara’s second book is scheduled for 2014.

Her Power Point Programs are designed to enlighten, inspire, and empower as she takes you through the rich and buried treasures of women’s history.

Lost in Translation: Unveils gender-biased rhetoric in biblical literature and gender-neutral rhetoric in the Gnostic gospels, as it respects all religions.
Sex & Suffrage: Exposes a scrupulous look at gender imbedded in passage of the 19th Amendment noting women’s right to vote was denied not won.
• Civil Rights Women: Reveres the women whose activism pre-1960’s paved the way for lunch counter sit-ins, bus boycotts, NAACP, Brown v Board of Ed, etc., civil rights’ activism then championed by men.
• Gender in the Court: Scrolls down a litany of how law and gender intertwined in disparity in America’s legislature from 1662 Virginia and early U.S. Supreme Court decisions to Lilly Ledbetter 2008, cross-examining Justices and gender.
A Hull of a House of Women and Peace: Celebrates HH women’s social reforms of the early 1900’s that govern still today i.e. OSHA, Social Security, FDA, etc. and America’s female Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Jane Addams.
• International Women’s Day: Details a graphic mid-1800s global events timeline of women, wars, suffrage, marches, and the NYC Shirtwaist Factory Fire that led to IWD. Why? Because nowhere in the world, then as now, can women claim to have the same rights and opportunities as men-Nowhere!
She Didn’t? Oh Yes She Did!: I.D.’s women from Barbara’s first book and women to be in her second. Introduced without hesitation or apology are bold, brave, often foolhardy, women who have been there and done that which you know, by women you may not know, until NOW!
* Lady MBAs: Applauds trailblazing Masters of Business Administration women born into poverty, who became millionaires, philanthropists, game changers who networked in a male business labyrinth, defining not only what, where, why and how, women go, do, dress and work, but who women are!

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